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A meeting of the European Council has begun in Brussels, which will decide whether to provide Ukraine, as well as Moldova EU candidate status. Consideration of the applications of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia for admission to the association is the first item on the agenda of the EU summit on Thursday, June 23. This is reported by the correspondent of DW.

The presidents and prime ministers of the 27 states of the European Union will start considering this issue immediately after the traditional communication with the speaker of the European Parliament Roberta Mezola, from which all meetings of the European Council begin.

It is expected that the summit will decide to recognize the European perspective of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, and the first two countries will also be granted candidate status. According to a number of DW sources in EU diplomatic circles, none of the EU countries objected to such a decision (link: 62217835).

A positive result is also indicated by the draft final statement of the summit, which is at the disposal of the DW correspondent. It says: “The European Council has decided to grant candidate country status to Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova.”

This summit in Brussels has already begun to be called historic precisely because it plans to recognize the prospect of membership of Ukraine, as well as Georgia and Moldova. This question some EU states beforewars I didn’t even want to discuss. “I expect that historically important decisions will be made to provideUkraine and Moldova the status of a candidate,” Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda said before the summit.

Recall that on June 17, the European Commission approved the conclusions on the applications of Kyiv, Chisinau and Tbilisi for EU membership. She recommended that Ukraine and Moldova be recognized as candidate countries, but put forward a number of conditions that they would then have to fulfill. She recommended that Georgia be given the status of a candidate only after the conditions determined by her were met.

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