Historian Dolgov about the fate of Russians leaving for Georgia: they are in danger

Historian Boris Dolgov in a conversation with Pravda.Ru, he told what fate awaits Russians who are trying to escape from partial mobilization in Georgia, but stuck at the border. And it is not yet clear whether they will be allowed into Georgia, or whether they will still have to return.

Dolgov believes that Russians should not strive so hard to Georgia, because they may be in danger in another country.

The historian warned that the West will try – and is already trying – to undertake provocations against the citizens of the Russian Federation.

“Now there is a time of mass provocations. Now the destabilization of the situation along the perimeter of the whole of Russia is included in the program of the West. This is obvious. Therefore, it seems to me that the creation of social chaos, including in neighboring territories, which in some way, naturally, will affect Russia, this is also included in the plans of the West,” Dolgov said.

The lines of Russians trying to cross the border into Georgia have reached their peak. People who stand in line for several days are offered to sell cars or exchange them for scooters, they drink dirty water, wash their clothes in the river, and are attacked and insulted.

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