Hildebrandt: “The closest political solution is for Dina Boluarte to finish resigning”

Cesar Hildebrandt gives his opinion on Dina Boluarte (Andina)
Cesar Hildebrandt gives his opinion on Dina Boluarte (Andina)

In a column published this Friday in his weekly, the journalist Cesar Hildebrandt, referred to the president Dina Boluarte and considered that this “has been kidnapped by the immortal right” and that the new official congressional majority is now made up of parties such as Fuerza Popular, Renovación Popular, Avanza País and other parties “losers of the 2021 elections.”

Director of Hildebrandt in his thirteen indicated that the functions of the president have been taken by the premier Alberto Otárolawhom he considered as “a primal humalist whose agenda has only one priority: to last and to ingratiate himself with the establishment.”

Otárola is the one who gave the order for the police to shoot to kill. He had, of course, the tacit authorization of the president,” he said.

hildebrandt pointed out that Otárola obtained the “useless” vote of confidence before Congress, “bragging about the violence exercised and promising” more “stick and bullet”. In this way, we would have returned to times where what was imposed were weapons.

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Despite using repression, the Boluarte government seems not to propose any convening solution, says Hildebrandt.  (Andean)
Despite using repression, the Boluarte government seems not to propose any convening solution, says Hildebrandt. (Andean)

In addition, he said that, despite using repression, the Boluarte government seems not to propose any convening solution.

“The government of Otárola it has none of that. She doesn’t even want to have it. There is no horizon or north or hint of greatness in Otárola’s proposals. It is as if he wanted to maintain the crisis. As if the right had assigned it the brief role of an antidote to the poison of the uprising in the south”, he expressed.

However, he acknowledged that there are “professional operators who are experts in inciting” and that certain “political remnants of hiking may be taking advantage of some situations.” “But one would have to be very foolish to assume that these razor-sharp minorities could create the fire that has caused 50 deaths,” he said.

To Hildebrandt, The congress supports “the government of Mr. Otárola” and they have chosen to give the vote of confidence “to the gcabinet stained with blood.”

Finally, he considered that Pedro Castillo cannot return to power, as well as a Constituent Assembly cannot be imposed by violence.

“The narrative of a socialism that produces hunger, dictatorship and diasporas will not be the one that dictates the future. All of that is true. But it is equally indisputable that the stick and the bullets are not a government plan. At this stage, the closest political solution is for the fictitious president to finish resigning and that a renewed directive from Congress call for emergency elections,” he said.

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On the other hand, Walter Martínez, the general director of Public Defense and Access to Justice of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights (Minjusdh), participated in the meeting that the members of the delegation of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) held with authorities and social organizations of Arequipa, in the framework of social protests.

Walter Martinez informed the IACHR commissioners of the actions it carried out to defend the people participating in the demonstrations. In addition, he detailed the free legal assistance provided to both citizens and police personnel.

He also said that moved to the regions where mobilizations are registered to supervise personally the work carried out by public defenders, who have assumed the legal sponsorship of cases within the framework of their functions.


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