Hieromonk Fotiy spoke about the struggle of Leps with alcoholism

Grigory Leps.

Grigory Leps.

A photo: Ivan MAKEEV

The winner of the show “Voice” hieromonk Photius in the YouTube show “Open, David!” commented on the rumors about the alcoholism of Grigory Leps. The clergyman confirmed that the artist has been struggling with addiction to alcohol for many years. Fotiy mentioned that Leps was undergoing treatment for alcoholism.

Hieromonk Fotiy and Grigory Leps met during the filming of the musical show “Voice”. The performer of the hit “A glass of vodka on the table” became a mentor to the clergyman, he repeatedly sang a duet. Gradually, work on the project grew into friendship. Father Fotiy told how Grigory is now dealing with addictions. The priest noted that it is very difficult for a person who has been drinking alcohol in large quantities for many years to turn off the beaten track. According to Father Photius, Leps is saved by faith in God.

– If a person has chosen such a way of life, then no exhortations will help him. I know that he is a believer. He has great friends among the Old Believer church. The man understands what he is doing. I visited him, saw his collection of icons. Let this be a collection, but still an iconostasis. I think it’s not just about art. They help him not to slip into some sins at all, – Father Fotiy believes.

The priest stressed that his friend was treated and now hardly drinks.

– He was undergoing treatment. Now be careful with alcohol. As far as I know, he has not been drinking for many years. I went on the path of correction, – the winner of the show “Voice” shared.

Hieromonk Fotiy and Grigory Leps met during the filming of the musical show

Hieromonk Fotiy and Grigory Leps met during the filming of the musical show “Voice”. Photo: Channel One.

Earlier, the mother of the singer Natella Lepsveridze told reporters that her son still loves his ex-wife Anna Shaplykova. The artist’s mother hopes that the couple will be reunited and will again live as one family.

The 60-year-old musician has been married to a blond dancer for 20 years. The World Court of the Khamovniki District terminated the marriage of Grigory Leps and Anna Shaplykova on December 20, 2021. TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak in the show “Evening Urgant” confirmed rumors that Grigory Leps divorced because of an affair with Andrei Arshavin’s ex-wife Yulia Baranovskaya.

Grigory met his future wife in 2000 in a restaurant. Anna was a dancer, a member of the Laima Vaikule team. Two years later, Gregory and his chosen one got married. For the sake of her husband, Anna left the stage, took care of the house and business of Leps. The couple had three children: daughters Eva and Nicole, as well as son Ivan.

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