Hero of the LPR “Miron”: Grandfathers did not finish off, so we will finish off the “Germans”

Now the Miron scouts are fighting at the Seversk-Artemovsk line

Now the Miron scouts are fighting at the Seversk-Artemovsk line

A photo: Alexander KOTS

He was talked about as the most dashing scout of the 2nd army corps of the LPR. The first – and into the fire, and into the water, always in the forefront, with their fighters. Wounds, contusions… Although, as a commander of a reconnaissance company of the 7th brigade, he could lead the unit at a distance. Imagination drew a broken head, hung with weapons. And when I was met by a modest intelligent officer, I did not immediately understand what it was the legendary “Miron”, Hero of the Luhansk People’s Republic. He was awarded the highest rank after the capture of Rubizhne, where his company suffered the first loss in 8 years – seven people.

Now Miron scouts are fighting at the Seversk-Artemovsk line, and, according to the commander, with each stage of the confrontation, new tactics have to be mastered.

– We are used to urban conditions in battles, and here there is a lot of open space.

A photo: Alexander KOTS

The enemy has control posts in the basements, and there are cameras on top. At first we didn’t understand where he “draws” us from. Then all this was revealed and they began to destroy it with pinpoint strikes.

You took the village of Berestovoye somehow impudently.

– More like cunning. We just calculated their schedule and realized that they were not used to fighting at 4 in the morning. They worked with artillery, hung a smoke screen and broke into the settlement on six infantry fighting vehicles, turned around, expanded the flanks, and began cleaning up. During the day, reserve groups were brought in, reinforced with tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and the village was liberated by the evening of the current day.

We are sitting on the observation post and on the smartphone screen we look at the picture from the drone. The same Berestovoye, where the Miron fighters have entrenched themselves, is being ironed by enemy artillery. First – receiver, then – reactive. The enemy spares no ammunition, “Grads” are poured over with packets. Cabriolet helicopters launch unguided rockets, the whole village is in smoke. There seems to be nothing left alive. But according to peppy reports, no losses were recorded from there. Soldiers take cover in cellars and single trenches. This is such a pit a meter by a meter and a meter and a half deep. The day before, I was sitting in one of these, waiting out a mortar attack during the evacuation of a Ukrainian tank from the “grey zone”. So-so “fun”.

A photo: Alexander KOTS

You must admit that in the military summary the phrase “they have occupied a settlement and are holding positions” does not sound so exciting. Behind him are long hours of the hardest military work, which is done not by elite special forces, but by ordinary Russian men. Like “Doughnut” – Seryoga from the first battalion of the 7th brigade. Before the war, he was a miner. At 47, he looks much older. Perhaps because of the thick gray beard. The fighter is directly direct and provocatively outspoken. The case when a short interview on the run on the “front” says more about the people fighting here than hour-long conversations in the rear.

– Evil ones, they bite, but still we hang them, – smiles sincerely, talking about the enemy, “Bablik”.

– And what do we hang?

– The will to win.

– Where are you from?

– From the Red Beam.

– That is, quite native places.

“Doughnut” – Seryoga from the first battalion of the 7th brigade. Before the war, he was a miner.

A photo: Alexander KOTS

– Of course. Donbass, it’s all mine. In civilian life, I am a miner. Well, who are we here, by and large? All miners and collective farmers. Well, ordinary people.

– What, shall we win?

– Where the hell are we going? And why then was it necessary to start all this? Of course, a lot of extra blood is mixed into everything, but without it, there is no way, war is war, no matter how it is. The main thing is faith, desire.

– Where did you get your faith from? Where do you draw it?

– Yes, where? My grandfathers also once fought, and at first they also received, but they believed that they would win. And they won. I am their descendant. I don’t just fart, shoot, but, as it were … No need to trample on my land, which partly belongs to me, kill people, poke children in basements. How did they speak? “My children will go to school, and yours will sit in basements.” I don’t like it that my kids are in basements. I also want them to go to the forest for mushrooms, for berries, not to be afraid that somewhere else they ran into a mine, but to walk boldly, as I walked in childhood, carefree and not paying attention to any clumsy or something else. And now children, by and large, are afraid to walk freely, because you can run into somewhere, get somewhere. And it is necessary that this should not happen. It is necessary that it be like it was in my childhood: I woke up, washed my face and went to the pond for a swim or in winter to go skiing and sledding down the hill.

A photo: Alexander KOTS

– What did you get the medal “For Courage” for?

– I don’t know how to say it. For courage, perhaps. I am a little crazy by nature, I was not afraid to go somewhere, to carry out some task. Probably for this.

Maxim is a former veterinarian. He worked at a meat-packing plant, poultry farms. In 2014, he went to help the wounded, became a military field surgeon, rose to the rank of head of the unit’s medical service. Looks at “Donut” not without respect.

“We have amazing people,” he says. – There are those that his leg flew off, hanging on the skin, and he says: “Everything is fine. And can I drink, smoke? Persistent boys. The other one was brought to us in the general heap, and he says: “What the hell did you drag me here, bandage me, anesthetize, I went back.” There are many of them, and they are the first to leave our ranks forever. There are guys who have already been wounded three times, come back and get injured again, more serious already. He did not have time to recover, quits treatment, not having cured, returns. These guys need to be celebrated somehow.

Miron, meanwhile, is receiving reports from positions. He went to war at the age of 19, immediately after the “term”. He started in the legendary “Ghost” by Alexei Mozgovoy just in Lisichansk. He says that there were many local fighters, so it was easier to break the enemy. About his motivation he says simply:

– I I want my children to go to school, learn Russian. We have lived all our lives in a Russian-speaking environment. My father is Russian, my mother is Russian. And we want a normal world and a normal future for our families. We did not come to them, but they came to us. We are now standing behind our homes. We endured 8 years, but we are tired of enduring. Now we will drive them to the last, until they say “stop” to us.

Where do you think you should say “stop”?

– How is it where? In Kyiv. We need to get to Kyiv itself, all the way to the top. Because everything started from there. What did our grandfathers fight for? So that everything is fine with us, so that we live in a normal state, a normal country. But it turned out that our grandfathers did not finish off, we will finish off, therefore, the “Germans”.


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