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Since the creation of the mobile social group, 450 calls have been received.

Since the creation of the mobile social group, 450 calls have been received.

A mobile social office opened in Kherson on July 14, and its specialists have already managed to help many local residents. What was done in the first days of work, who was the first to ask for help, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” found out in the department of labor and social policy of the Kherson region.

The social worker will come

The mobile social office was created primarily in order not to leave without the help of those who themselves cannot take the documents to the social institution in order to apply for the required benefits.

“The first ones we visited were a mother with a child suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, that is, he has the first disability group – he needs constant attention and care,” members of the visiting group showed photos.

Specialists come to clients at home, talk about the norms of legislation in the field of social protection, help to arrange pension and social benefits.

From person to person

Several groups of the population can apply to the mobile social center. This includes pensioners, families with many children, people with disabilities, families who care for the disabled, single mothers and others.

“Our mobile group took an application for a benefit and handed it over to the department of social protection of the population, which is located in Kherson on Perekopskaya Street, 166. We also visited a family-type boarding school where ten children live at once, brought them humanitarian aid,” experts list.

Then they dropped in with packages of humanitarian aid to a grandmother with two grandchildren in her care. In addition, specialists have collected from local residents about fifty applications for receiving pensions from the pension fund, and targeted delivery of these pensions will also be organized.

– Our hotline receives a lot of calls, and we are trying to understand the problem of everyone and help, namely, to suggest, direct, inform where a person can apply at the place of residence – in the city and in the villages, suggest which centers for the provision of social services can accept citizens.


The work is structured as follows: applications received at the moment are grouped, a route is drawn up, and specialists travel along it: they bring humanitarian aid, pick up applications in order to transfer them to institutions – the departments of social protection of the population and the Pension Fund.

In total, since the creation of the mobile social group, 450 calls have been received, 62 applications personally, and today 43 kits have been packaged for the delivery of humanitarian assistance to people with limited mobility.

“We transfer all information about the needs of people to the department of labor and social policy of Kherson, as well as to the regional departments of labor and social policy in the cities of Novaya Kakhovka, Holaya Pristan, Alyoshki, in the Genichesk district and other territories,” the regional department said. – In addition, we are currently developing a system of mobile teams that will work in the region.

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