“Hello, Melitopol! Then we will deal differently”: the Nazis threaten those who accept humanitarian aid from Russia

Melitopol residents are threatened with reprisals for choosing to stay with Russia.

Melitopol residents are threatened with reprisals for choosing to stay with Russia.

A photo: Dmitry STESHIN

When there are no worthy arguments, the weak one begins to intimidate and curses. Today, this is exactly how the Ukrainian side behaves towards the inhabitants of the liberated Melitopol and all the territory that is under the protection of Russian troops. Threatens, scares with violence. Moreover, it is not only about the “shelling of revenge”, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine shoot at civilians. The last such “sha”, we recall, were at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant, in the vicinity of which Ukrainian drones delivered a “precautionary strike”. With a hint, they say, next time the projectile will hit “where it is necessary.” And do not care that radiation will cover the whole of Europe – the main thing is to convincingly intimidate. This is how the Ukrainian regime works. And one more case – the explosion of a kamikaze drone in a residential area in Energodar. From the same series.

We are also talking about the repressions that neo-Nazis promise to inflict on Melitopol residents. Promise openly, without hesitation. First of all, for the fact that the people accept humanitarian aid from Russia. Ukraine abandoned the city, and Kyiv does not care how people survive, but when mothers come to humanitarian centers for baby food and diapers for their babies, when men and women take pasta, flour and canned food from the hands of Russian soldiers and volunteers, because there is nothing at home there is, but the money is over, the sponge blows offendedly. Say, traitors!

– Hello, Melitopol! Let’s remember everyone who takes it. Then we will deal with you in a different way! – one of the Ukrainian Natsik posted a video with this open threat on the network. For everyone to be afraid. An impudent, well-fed physion: what does she know about hunger! However, it seems that such concepts as “care”, “decency” and “honor” are also not in her coordinate system.

Melitopol need not be afraid of such physiognomies: its peace is reliably guarded by the Russian army. But many residents of the Ukrainian part of the Zaporozhye region are worried. There is no one to stand up for them.

“Kilometer-long queues of residents of territories controlled by Ukraine are lining up at checkpoints,” Vladimir Rogov, a member of the main council of the administration of the Zaporozhye region, said in an interview with TASS less than a month after the start of the special operation. – Many want to move to us because of the feeling of security and lack of repression that Russia guarantees.

Everyone in Zaporozhye, both in the part that is now controlled by Russia and where Ukraine has settled, knows perfectly well what Ukrainian provocations and persecution of the SBU are, not just for “communication with the Russian enemy”, for any “extra” word .

According to Rogov, in recent months, Ukraine has been generously “importing” militants and Nazis from Lvov, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk to Zaporozhye, which remains under it. These are the same people who are dismissive and boorish towards the Cossacks in principle. They can be robbed and beaten. Just because someone thought something. So the regime keeps the population “in good shape” and hints to those who are now “on the other side” of the Zaporozhye region: hold on, it will be scary!

For “contact” with Russia, the Ukrainian regime punishes in full. A punitive system of combating dissent has been established here. You can get a term both for a “suspicious” post on social networks, and for public work: the same distribution of humanitarian aid. According to Svetlana Novitskaya, a lawyer and legal expert at the Anti-Fascist Human Rights League, even those who once lived in the DPR, paid taxes there, but moved to a place where they don’t shoot, where it’s easier, were arrested for “financing a terrorist organization” .

By the way, speaking three years ago at the plenary meeting of the OSCE Conference, Novitskaya said that Ukraine, in order to “make it more convenient” to punish objectionable people, illegally changed the criminal code. We are talking, in particular, about Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Infringement on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine”

– Until 2014, this article was “dead” and was not actually applied, since it was focused on the Constitution of Ukraine, and such a procedure has not been established. In 2014, the new government made amendments. Now, under the article, the terms of punishment are from 5 years to life imprisonment, plus confiscation of property, Novitskaya said in the report.

And anyone can get under the article and for anything.

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