Heat can lead to depression. Four threats named

American psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal described seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or winter depression in the 1980s. Everyone knows that when there is little sun, the mood is at zero and the blues presses mercilessly. But it turns out that there is a small percentage of people (about one percent of all living on Earth) who also suffer from summer depression.

It would seem – the sun, flowers, heat, what else is needed for joy? But no, a person has longing and suicidal thoughts. Norman Rosenthal himself could not give a clear explanation of what was wrong with these people, suggesting that they have an individual intolerance to heat and intolerance to the sun.

At different times, different psychiatrists have suggested why we can be dreary in the summer. Here are the top reasons.

1. Instead of holidays and vacations, as it was in childhood, eternal work. And you’ve been waiting for this summer!

2. Vegetative-vascular dystonia – from a lack of oxygen and stuffiness, the vessels spasm, there is a feeling of nausea, suffocation, headaches. There is no joy here.

3. Heat and thunderstorms aggravate the condition of people with a labile (mobile, unstable) psyche, prone to depression.

4. The heat “turns off” the function of sanity. Numerous studies show that when the temperature rises, the brain “overheats” – those areas of the brain that are responsible for making quick and important decisions and solving complex cognitive tasks begin to work worse.

Psychiatrist Norma Rosenthal believes that in a healthy person, all functions, despite the weather, should be in homeostasis (balance), that is, there should not be sharp distortions in the psyche due to weather changes.

“I would not blame everything on the heat,” says a psychiatrist, narcologist, a specialist with many years of experience in the treatment of depression. – Yes, the climatic factor affects the psyche, in Russia it is especially noticeable in autumn and winter. The heat is more likely to affect the physical condition. But if initially you had a difficult state of mind, then, of course, nausea from stuffiness will aggravate it. In fact, the main factor that robs a person of strength is the uncertainty in the future. Any other factors (for example, overstrain at work due to vacations of employees) will only exacerbate psychological fatigue. Do not forget about covid — most Russians have been ill with it in one form or another. And post-COVID greatly reduces the adaptive forces of the body, affects cognitive functions. What does a tired person want? Tranquility and balance, including the weather. Therefore, yes, the heat can be annoying, but still it is far from the main factor in the development of melancholy and depression.

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