“He was finished off with a machine with the letter Z.” How veteran cyborg Andrey Kuznetsov died

“If it weren’t for the Rashists’ invasion of the Kherson region, Kuzya would still be alive.”

Remembering the events of April 30, a resident of the village of Dmitrovka cannot hold back his tears. That Saturday evening, a local collaborator fatally injured his close friend, 31-year-old “cyborg” Andrey Kuznetsov. He died in the early morning of the next day, in the Kakhovka central city hospital.

“He had no chance of surviving. This is exactly what the doctors told us later, ”said a friend of the“ cyborg ”, who asks not to be named.

Actually, what happened in Dmitrovka was seen by many people. A friend of the deceased Andrei Kuznetsov tells the following about this crime:

“It was in the center of the village. Kuzya – that’s how we always called Andrei – was relaxing in a cafe with friends. His friend was supposed to drive up to him, and he went out into the street. I saw a car that looked like a friend’s car. He approached, opened the door and only then noticed the letter Z pasted on the car and realized that he was mistaken. This car belonged to a farmer from the neighboring village of Dibrova, with whom Kuzi had a conflict, because the man from the first days of the war began to support the invaders.

Kuzya was immediately pulled away from the car, but the driver drove off, turned around and knocked Andrey down at full speed. He flew off to the side, fell and lost consciousness. The driver turned around again and hit Kuzya with his front wheels.

People surrounded the car, shouting: “What are you doing? Don’t kill a man!” But the driver did not listen to them, pressed on the gas and ran over Kuzya with his rear wheels and left at high speed.

People immediately started trying to call an ambulance. But the phones did not work for anyone: just that evening, the Russians “killed” mobile communication, she recovered only on May 3 or 4. While they were trying to find at least some refueled car, Kuzya regained consciousness.

A resident of Dmitrovka, who knew the deceased well, said that since no one could get through to the hospital, local guys went for an ambulance to the emergency station in Zeleny Pod:

“On it they took Kuzya to Kakhovka. There, in intensive care, at about five in the morning of the next day, he died. Until recently, he was conscious. He asked the guys who were next to him: “Boys, put me on my feet!”. But the paramedic forbade them to do so. Then the doctors said that he had no chance of surviving. Numerous internal hemorrhages, fracture of the pelvis and bones. From all the injuries he had not a living place left.

Many local residents saw and identified who exactly killed Andrey Kuznetsov. Witnesses of the crime with whom we were able to talk are sure that Dmitry Bomko, a farmer from the village of Dibrov, was driving, who, according to people, began to cooperate with the Rashists from the first days of the war.

Dmitro Bomko

“I think it was no coincidence that he finished off Kuzya with a car with“ caustic ”. After all, this Bomko is thin, frail. Andrew is much stronger than him. The killer, apparently, was afraid to get into a fight, because he understood that he himself would be beaten, ”said a resident of Dmitrovka.

Viktor Vivet, an activist from the Kakhovka district, told Center for Investigative Journalismthat Dmitry Bomko used to have a different surname – Chernov. It is likely that he decided to change his last name because of a drug conviction.

“In recent years, he has appeared in stories of bodily harm and armed assault, and is now under investigation. But this does not bother him much, because his mother is very well known in the Kherson region, the co-owner of a large Novokakhovka construction company, ”Viktor Vivet believes.

The Unified State Register of Legal Entities contains information about Dmitry Alexandrovich Bomka. From 2007 to 2017, he was registered as an individual entrepreneur and was engaged in the provision of information services. The address indicated by him during registration (Novaya Kakhovka, Prospekt Pobedy, 34, apt. 69) coincides with the contact information indicated in the registers of the ultimate beneficiary owners of the Olesya construction company, Valentina and Valery Serov, respectively, the mother and stepfather of Dmitry Bomko .

Bomko Dmitry Alexandrovich was accused in the case of infliction of minor bodily harm, which was considered by the Novokakhovskiy City Court (case number 661/3973/20).

And on November 5, 2020, Dmitry Bomko, together with his friend, severely beat Sergey Belik from Nova Kakhovka and took his car away from him. The victim took care of cattle for some time on Bomko in the village of Dibrova. Because of the beatings, the man was diagnosed with a concussion, fractures of both arms, two ribs, torn ligaments at the supracalcaneal-tibial joints, and also underwent surgery on his cheek. Dmitry Bomko himself confirmed that he had beaten Sergei Belik and taken away his car, allegedly because he had stolen barley from him.

“If they beat me, they said that the police would not do anything to them, they would buy whoever they needed,” Sergei Belik said. publication “New Kakhovka. city”.

After the Russian infidels broke into the territory of Kherson, they began to terrorize the local residents. As the residents of Dmitrovka said, they did not touch those who collaborated with the invaders at all.

“They did not touch this Dmitry Bomko. Perhaps because he could share the necessary information with them. For the first time, the Reshiists came to our village on April 21. They blocked all exits from Dmitrovka and drove in armored personnel carriers to four addresses. Rashists knew where all our guys who were in the ATO live. They also came to Kuzi, but he was not at home that day. They could not find another guy and gave three days for both him and Kuzya to return to Dmitrovka, otherwise, as they said, we would all “please”. Everyone who was found at home by the Resists was severely beaten. The whole village still cannot recover from what happened,” said a resident of Dmitrovka, who asked not to be named.

According to her, from the first day of the Great War, Andrei Kuznetsov, like all other former servicemen from the left bank of the Kherson region, ended up in the temporarily occupied territory and no longer had any opportunity to leave – they would have been seized at checkpoints and thrown “to the basement.”

Andrey Ivanets, a member of the Regional Council of Ukrainians of Crimea Andrey Ivanets, after the death of Andrey Kuznetsov, recalled that he was born in the village of Putilovka, Bakhchisarai region of Crimea:

“At a young age, as a child, he and his mother moved to Kherson. Young returned to the Crimea. After the occupation of the peninsula by Russia, he returned to Kakhovka. In August 2014, he joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As he himself recalled, he was looking forward to mobilization. For a month and a half, he took part in the heroic defense of the Donetsk airport. Defended Mariupol. Shortly after completing military service, he signed a contract and returned to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He always dreamed of returning to his native peninsula. He said: “Crimea is sacred to me. My house”.

Andrey Kuznetsov was buried in Dmitrovka. He left behind a wife and a son.

“Everyone in the village hopes that the killer will be found and punished. After the incident, the rashists came to Dmitry Bomko. They sayThey beat him up and let him go. That is, this is all the “punishment” for the murder of a person from the invaders. It remains to wait for the liberation of our village and the entire Kherson region. We believe that then the killer will answer everything,” said a resident of Dmitrovka.

The Center for Journalistic Investigations tried to contact Dmitry Bomko to give him the opportunity to express his version of the events on April 30 in the village of Dmitrovka with a car run over Andrei Kuznetsov, which led to his death. However, he did not respond to calls from the CJR correspondent, nor to questions in private messages from his social media accounts. In addition, we decided to publish this material, since the testimonies of the residents of Dmitrovka, with whom we managed to talk, regarding the tragic results of the incident, were unanimous and do not raise doubts about their reliability. If you receive an answer from Dmitry Bomko, we will publish it.

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