He speaks the same language with everyone – simple and human: Andrei Malakhov turned 51 years old

Malakhov is always interested in what his characters say.

Malakhov is always interested in what his characters say.

A photo: Ivan MAKEEV

Look around! Just pause and turn back. See? Yes! Almost all our conscious life on the screens Andrey Malakhov! It was he who told the morning news on Channel One, it was he who arranged the scandalous “Big Wash”, it was he who made the name of the program “Let them talk” a household name, it was his transfer to the Rossiya channel that was discussed, almost like Messi’s transition from Barcelona to Paris Saint Germain. It was he who immediately launched and made the shows “Hi, Andrey” and “Songs from the Heart” popular, it was he who gave new life to “Live”, hosted “Dancing with the Stars” and so on, so on, so on …

Andrey Malakhov, whatever one may say, is the main TV presenter for the last thirty years. And this is not a reproach to his competitors, on the contrary. He keeps afloat, in the lead, despite the fact that his rivals were Ivan Urgant, and Dmitry Nagiyev, and Boris Korchevnikov, and Maxim Galkin, now recognized as a foreign agent … But they still watch Malakhov, they discuss him.

Talking to Andrew is not easy. He always seems to want to say something quickly at his trademark speed and run away somewhere. He does not sit still, he constantly needs to act. He is in a hurry, he is in a hurry, he is full of ideas and energy.

But this is not the secret of success. Old-timers remember how he was in the Big Wash. An impudent young man who easily shuts up those who say too much, knows the answer to everything and knows how to directly ask the most incorrect question.

And then there were “Let them talk” and “Live”, and the matured Malakhov masterfully cuts off too talkative speakers, brilliantly plays a game in which the participants tell their story. But most importantly, Malakhov now definitely cares. In any case, it seems so. He may even shed a tear, he is clearly ready to help. And this sincerity (it doesn’t matter if it’s real or acting) is the main trump card of the TV presenter.

Andrey Malakhov has long been a gossip columnist. Of course, it is interesting to read about his personal life, and about his diet, about his hairstyles. Sometimes it seemed that the presenter plunged headlong into this world of “high society”, but every time he emerges either in his native Apatity, or with a new show for ordinary people.

Yes, most of his audience is quite mature people. But over the past thirty years, many viewers have matured to retirement age. And Andrei manages to speak the same language with everyone. Simple and human.

Andrey, happy birthday! We are not switching!

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