He pasted his contact on the car to advertise his venture and received an unexpected message

He made a bad maneuver with the car and the other driver did not forgive him (TikTok iamcamilacabellos)

Today having a presence in digital media is essential to make a brand or a venture known. The social media They are the perfect allies to reach more corners and that thousands of people know about this work. Following this position, a tiktoker He thought it would be a good idea to promote his Instagram account in his car to attract more customers, but things did not go as planned.

The Chilean stylist Camila Rojas It went viral on the networks but its advertising strategy did not obtain the expected result. She pasted a sticker with her Instagram handle on the rear window of the car to give her hair salon more visibility. However, a bad maneuver with the car caused a driver to write down the username and write to him with no intention of undergoing a hair treatment.

“Learn to drive, encouragel”, they wrote to him by private message accompanied by angry face emojis. Camila was amused and she decided to upload the sequence of what happened with the title: “Me thinking that it would be very good publicity to put a sticker of my brand on the car.”

He thought it would be a way to spread his brand and stuck the Instagram user on the car window (amcamilacabellos).
He thought it would be a way to spread his brand and stuck the Instagram user on the car window (amcamilacabellos).

Camila’s video accumulates more than ten million views, one million likes and nine thousand comments, many of them with similar anecdotes.

“Me at first: what a good idea. Me at the end: better not anymore”, “That’s why I removed the advertising from my car. The same thing happened to me”, “It could perfectly be me hahaha”, “A big fan of the one who wrote you on Insta”, “I’m not making fun of it because it will soon be me”, were some of the comments on the publication.

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