He fell subject for allegedly having produced almost 500 child pornography materials in Nayarit

Producer of child pornography fell in Nayarit |  Representative Image (Special)
Producer of child pornography fell in Nayarit | Representative Image (Special)

One subject was arrested in Nayarit for child pornography After several investigations in which Mexican organizations and one American participated, they verified their relation to almost 500 productions of this type.

The National Guard (GN) reported that within the framework of the National Public Security Strategy they worked together to the Attorney General of the State of Nayarit (FGEN) and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMECfor its acronym in English) of the United States.

In the report, the agency explained that thanks to the inter-institutional collaboration received 492 reports of production and transmission of child pornography by the accused.

Due to the large amount of material he was handling, the authorities considered him a potential child sex offender, so with the information they collected they proceeded to locate him; they also located the boys and girls who were attacked.

child pornography and sexual abuse cases (rne Dedert/dpa)
child pornography and sexual abuse cases (rne Dedert/dpa)

“Based on the information, specialists from the security institution provided digital evidence, analysis and cyber investigation that contributed to the location of the alleged perpetrator, as well as the minor victims.

Having the material that would link him to the crime of trafficking in persons in the form of child pornography, The National Guard filed a complaint with the Nayarit State Prosecutor’s Office.

Meanwhile, the Public Ministry asked the control judge for a search warrant and an arrest warrant, which were completed at an address located in the municipality of Compostela.

“The detainee was read the Bill of Rights that Assist Persons in Detention, his registration was made in the National Detention Registry and he was made available before the control judge of the State Justice Center for Children and Adolescents. of Nayarit”, detailed the National Guard.

Given these facts, the Mexican agencies endorsed their commitment to work together to combat crimes “that threaten society.”

Child pornography in Mexico (Archive)
Child pornography in Mexico (Archive)

In September 2022, a man and a woman were arrested for allegedly producing child pornography under the facade of teaching of regularization to minors in Mexico City.

According to the local Prosecutor’s Office, Sayuri “N” and Víctor “N” would have participated in the production of more than 158 thousand photographs and approximately 3 thousand 500 pornographic videos in which boys and girls appear.

one of the victims I took remedial classes with them in 2019. However, the girl’s guardian discovered signs of sexual violence and filed a complaint. rape complaint.

According to information from the Executive Commission for Attention to Victims (CEAV) updated to 2015, in Mexico at least 600,000 sexual crimes are committed annually, of which 9 out of 10 are women and 4 out of 10 are under 5 year old.

Child sexual abuse (Archive)
Child sexual abuse (Archive)

at least the half of sexual abuse is committed in the home and the 60% of them are from relatives or acquaintances. Likewise, the main aggressors are men.

Child abuse causes emotional impacts and physical in minors, which are generally expressed with emotions such as anxiety, depression, rejection of affective contact, fear of a certain person or places, insomnia, nightmares, fear of the dark and in adolescents it manifests with ideas of suicide, consumption of drugs or school absenteeism.

The physical signs They are usually bleeding, injuries and scars on the genitals, recurrent urinary infections, sexually transmitted infections and in some cases pregnancy. In the face of any warning sign, tutors must make the respective complaint.


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