“He broke into my life about six years ago”

Official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova told how “chocolate bunny” Pierre Narcisse showered her with compliments and dedicated a song to her with immodest content.

Maria Zakharova expressed regret over the death of a Star Factory graduate. The diplomat said that she personally knew a black performer.

β€œHe burst into my life about six years ago – suddenly, noisily and with a song. In the truest sense of the word,” Zakharova wrote.

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry spoke about the correspondence with Pierre Narcisse, in which the singer assured that his song “Maria” was dedicated to her. Then Zakharova saw the singer at one of the events where he sang this song to her.

Zakharova explained that she did not want to admit that the song was about her.

β€œI refused the resemblance as best I could. But he was adamant: we wrote about you. I resisted in every possible way. It seemed immodest to me,” said Maria Vladimirovna.

Perhaps the specialist in international affairs was confused by the words of the song.

“Give me a chance, seductive. Drive me crazy and let me down. Maria is aquamarine, Maria is adrenaline. Reproach is more dangerous than love,” or “I’ll scoop up your breath like an endless kiss, lift it up and drown in the rhythm of fire,” say the words of the composition of the African performer origin.

It was previously reported that singer Pierre Narcisse died as a result of kidney surgery at the age of 45.

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