Havana to face daily power outages due to crisis

Until recently, periodic power outages in Cuba were carried out everywhere except the capital

Until recently, periodic power outages in Cuba were carried out everywhere except the capital

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

The Cuban government said that starting in August in Havana, each of the six metropolitan municipalities will be forced to turn off electricity once every three days during peak loads – at the hottest time of the day. Also in Havana, all carnivals will be canceled.

Thus, the country’s authorities are trying to partially overcome the consequences of the crisis that erupted against the background of rising world prices for energy resources and products.

Cuba is already living a very difficult life: its economy, which suffered from tough US sanctions in 2019, was literally finished off by a pandemic that undermined tourism. According to experts, the country’s economy has fallen by almost 11% in 2020. And the jump in world prices for food and fuel exposed the country’s main problem – total dependence on imports: recently, Cuba has been experiencing problems with medicines and food.

Power cuts in Havana are also linked to the fact that almost one in five Cubans live in the capital – out of more than 11 million Cubans, more than 2 million of them live in Havana.

Until recently, intermittent shutdowns were carried out everywhere except the capital, which led to a number of protests. Reuters.

“Now is the time to show solidarity and do our part so that the rest of Cuba suffers less from unwanted power outages,” he said. Luis Antonio Torres, leader of the Havana branch of the Cuban Communist Party.

At the same time, experts suggest that periodic power outages in the capital are unlikely to help Cuba solve problems with the economy – rather, this measure is designed to show the population of the country that the inhabitants of Havana are not easier than everyone else.

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