Handcuffs are illegal, compensation for destroyed housing, fines for leaking personal data. Vladimir Putin signed a number of important instructions

List of Putin's instructions following the meeting of the Human Rights Council published

List of Putin’s instructions following the meeting of the Human Rights Council published

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Members of the Presidential Human Rights Council met with Vladimir Putin almost a month ago. For several hours, human rights activists talked about how to make the world around us more humane. And now the head of the country signed instructions following the results of the meeting. We have collected the most important ones.


The government will have to think about “imposing turnover fines on companies that leak personal data, increasing liability for their illegal circulation and other violations.”

It is high time! Now, in fact, there is no punishment at all for the leakage of personal data. In April 2022, the court fined Yandex.Food 60,000 rubles for leaking information about several million people. In fact, the company paid for the loss of information about passports, phones, emails for a few kopecks per user.

The turnover penalty is linked to the company’s income. If a business has earned 100 million, but the fine for it is not 60 thousand, but, say, 600.


The Cabinet of Ministers was instructed to stimulate the production of prostheses within the country.

But that is not all. The Ministry of Defense, together with the Ministry of Health and the authorities of the new regions, must decide how to release orthopedic doctors from military service. Human rights activists complained to the president that all prosthetists in Donbass were taken to the front. There was one specialist left who simply could not cope with the load. There are a lot of people with severed arms and legs, and everyone needs prostheses.


The government and the academic community will have to collect ideas for writing a new unified textbook on history and social science.


In recent years, thousands of citizens have become victims of fraud. People transfer money to swindlers, believing all sorts of “security officers of Sberbank.”

“The government, together with the Bank of Russia, should consider creating a mechanism for banks and other credit organizations to pay compensation to customers whose funds were stolen as a result of fraudulent activities,” Putin instructed.

Who and how will pay the money is not clear. But it is clear that the need to protect people is long overdue.


Another unpleasant consequence of hostilities is the appearance of people with a crippled psyche. The United States at one time faced the “Vietnamese syndrome”, our country – with the “Afghan”.

It is unlikely that a special military operation will be an exception, so the president decided to act proactively.

“To form a special center responsible for drug supply, rehabilitation and socialization, including training and retraining, of participants in a special military operation,” Putin instructed the government.

The system of psychological assistance to veterans is already beginning to be created.


The Cabinet of Ministers and the authorities of the new regions need to decide how to compensate people for the loss of housing “lost or damaged as a result of hostilities.”

Officials of the Belgorod, Bryansk, Kursk and Rostov regions were instructed to restore housing lost “as a result of shelling by armed groups of Ukraine and terrorist acts.”


The Prosecutor General’s Office, the Investigative Committee and the Ministry of Internal Affairs were instructed to use “veterans of law enforcement agencies” to transfer experience to colleagues from new regions. The police and other structures in Novorossiya are often created from scratch, and new employees simply do not have enough knowledge and experience.


The State Duma, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Investigative Committee are to “consider proposals” on criminal liability for “calls for discrimination or discriminatory actions against citizens of the Russian Federation living abroad.”

I wonder what the result of this order will be. The speaker of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, wrote on his Telegram channel on the same day that the property of the departed Russians should be confiscated. True, not everyone in a row, but those who scold our country and the army from abroad.


“The Ministry of Internal Affairs, together with the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Investigative Committee and the Federal Penitentiary Service, take measures to prevent the use of special means of restricting mobility “Azhur” against women, minors, as well as persons suspected and accused of committing non-violent crimes,” is another instruction.

“Azhur” is not just handcuffs. These are special shackles for the escorted. They can also be worn on the feet. The police promised back in December not to handcuff women, children, and those accused of economic crimes.

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