Hair loss is not a sentence

We all have health problems. Some go bald by the age of twenty, others for some reason lose their teeth. I’m wrong for a decade – correct me. But baldness causes some kind of complex in some men. And in vain.

I knew a lot of people who poured thousands and millions into their past hair. Nothing helped. Singer Kobzon always managed a good expensive wig, and singer Elton John, though from England, spent half his salary on hair implants back in the late 1970s. Did not help.

Have you seen hairless cats on the street

The origins of hair loss are different. As well as the origins of various sores, with which we are convinced by both local district doctors and fancy doctors with diplomas. True or not, those who have lost their teeth or hair decide. For example, the American doctor William Regelson, an expert on aging (what is not in our world) claimed that the demodex follicurarum mite was found in our follicles, hair follicles, in almost 50 women and men suffering from baldness who underwent appropriate examination.

Do not faint and do not drive your four-legged out of the house, but, according to American researchers, this is exactly the kind of tick-borne rubbish that is the causative agent of scabies in animals. My side note – I’ve never seen a hairless cat unless it was bred by a human.

This discovery was made by the company “Nikosin”, which developed products for hair care. True, it is reported that for “clarification” you will need a hand microscope that can enlarge the follicles a thousand times. It is in this case that we will be able to see “parasites” that feed on sebum, fatty secretions, on our charming heads.

Of course, everything is not so scary, experts on “highers” note, since there is no exact definition of what exactly the negative effect of ticks is. And the latter, as doctors say, surround us everywhere: from pillows to carpets. That is, you need to sleep and eat only on the floor. Better concrete. Which is what we do. But the possibility of clogging our hair follicles with mites is allowed. In addition, Regelson insists that the skin on the head of some people is especially sensitive to mites and begins to inflame from their touch.

For your sores, ask your ancestors

Despite new research, most experts believe that baldness is a hereditary trait. True, for decades, bioengineers have been silent here. But experts on hair implants and wigs cut down good money. But the company “Nikosin” mentioned by us also never stood aside, having developed a lot of shampoos for the head, because of which, according to local chemists, ticks will simply rest. True, it is not specified whether your hair will grow back.

Over the past decades, “innovative projects” for hair sufferers have been promised and promised many medicines and treatments. Rubbings, wigs and, as hairdressers delicately say, special “combs” do not always justify someone’s hopes.

For example, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved pills from Merck, which, along with AIDS and heart disease drugs, also developed pills that supposedly stop hair loss in men. It’s hard for me to judge this. I probably got mites in my mouth, not on my head. And, to be honest, I am impressed by a certain John Kepps, who runs the Bald Men of America organization. He claims that normal men will not even pay attention to new pills: “Our motto: baldness is cool!”

It remains only to recall the phrase of world-class tennis player Andre Agassi, who at the age of 20 said: “This is my fate, both mine and my brother. We have little hair, we are in my father.”

And the well-known agent 007, British actor Sean Connery, who, if you watch his films, never complained about his head, having gone bald and wearing a wig, later said: “I will no longer walk in this hat!”

Author Sergey Lebedev

Sergei Valentinovich Lebedev is a freelance correspondent for Pravda.Ru

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