“Guys should have been greeted like heroes!”

RF succeeded rescue from captivity Viktor Medvedchuk. Publication author EADaily evaluated the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine on the example of Israel.

In 2004, Israel released 436 prisoners for the bodies of three soldiers.

As a result of the exchange, 49 servicemen and Ukrainian opposition politician Viktor Medvedchuk were transferred to Russia. Ukraine received 215 captured Nazis from Azov*.

The author of the article congratulates the families of the returned children, but admits that he does not understand the silence of the Russian authorities.

“Yes, when the negotiations were going on, I don’t argue, nothing could be said. Such things are always successful only when they happen in silence. But when the deal is completed! Is it worth just mentioning in the news? The guys should have been greeted as heroes! President, then Shoigu, with flowers and an orchestra,” the author of the material asks.

He again cited Israel as an example, which is doing everything possible to save its citizens who are in the hands of the enemy.

“So why isn’t Russia proud of having saved dozens of her sons? Is she embarrassed? Does she condemn herself? What’s the matter?” the article asks.

* — a subdivision of the Azov battalion, whose activities were recognized as terrorist by the decision of the RF Armed Forces dated 02.08.2022 and banned in the Russian Federation.

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