Gustavo Alfaro stopped being the coach of Ecuador: the reasons

Gustavo Alfaro, with one foot outside of Ecuador (REUTERS/Gareth Bumstead)
Gustavo Alfaro, with one foot outside of Ecuador (REUTERS/Gareth Bumstead)

Gustavo Alfaro He will not continue in the Ecuadorian soccer team. This was confirmed by the Federation in an official statement. After the participation of the three In Qatar 2022, the Argentine coach will terminate his relationship due to differences with the managers. The motives? The dragging of some previous debts to the World Cup and the breach of promises for the payment of back salaries and prizes led to a wear and tear in the relationship between the DT and the Board of Directors.

“We inform the country that, after a few months of conversations between the Federation and Professor Gustavo Alfaro, the parties have decided to be free to evaluate and seek new options for the benefit and development of their interests,” said the official statement of the fff.

The 60-year-old strategist took the reins of Ecuador in 2020, after the abrupt departure of the Dutch Jordi Cruyff in the midst of an evident institutional crisis, and He qualified for a World Cup after the absence of the three in Russia 2018. It was the fourth time in its history that the Ecuadorians played a World Cup event. Before, he had an acceptable performance in the Copa América in Brazil 2021, where he was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Argentina (in the end, champion).

The Ecuador Qualifiers were practically perfect, marching behind two powers such as Brazil and Argentina during almost the entire development of the competition. Only on the penultimate day did they share third place with the recovered Uruguay, who took possession of the podium with the victory against Chile on the last day, taking advantage of the equality between Ecuadorians and Argentines in Guayaquil.

Professor Alfaro will not be able to fulfill the desire to continue in Ecuador (REUTERS / Dylan Martinez)
Professor Alfaro will not be able to fulfill the desire to continue in Ecuador (REUTERS / Dylan Martinez)

After being the South American revelation on the way to Qatar 2022 and establishing youth projects such as Piero Hincapié, Moisés Caicedo and Gonzalo Plataamong other footballers, Ecuador stomped in the opening match of the Cup against the host and won 2-0 at the stadium Al Bayt. In his second appearance, he deserved better luck in a match that dominated against the Netherlands and settled for a 1-1 that left him well standing in the face of the definition with Senegal. A draw was enough to pass for the second time in its history to the round of 16, but the team did not have a good evening in khalifa Y lost 2-1 to the Africanswho went through the phase with the Dutch.

Despite the painful elimination, Ecuador left a good image in the World Cup and sowed hope for the future due to the number of young players who were thinking about the 2026 United States-Mexico-Canada Cup. However, the discrepancies at the time of renegotiating the contract between the leaders and the coach prevented the renewal from coming to fruition.





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