Guaidó asks Petro to join the demand for a “free” election in Venezuela

Caracas, Nov. 1 The Venezuelan opponent Juan Guaidó asked the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, on Tuesday to demand the holding of “free” elections in Venezuela, despite the fact that the Colombian head of state already recognizes the 2018 elections that gave victory to Nicolás Maduro , with whom he will meet today in Caracas.

Guaidó suggested to Petro, through Twitter, that he join “the demand for free and fair elections in Venezuela”, with the aim of “providing a solution” for the country, instead of “normalizing a dictatorship”.

Likewise, he asked him to support the return of the dialogue between the government and the opposition in Mexico, suspended since October of last year by decision of the ruling party.

“President Petro decides to visit the dictator Maduro today and call him ‘president’, an action that could dangerously normalize human rights violations that point to Maduro as being responsible for the chain of command and the worst migration crisis in the world,” the opponent said.

The Colombian government announced this Monday the meeting between Petro and Maduro in Caracas, where they will address the bilateral relationship, the reopening of the border and the re-entry of the Caribbean country to the Inter-American Human Rights System.

The meeting takes place just over a month after the economic reopening of the border and the reestablishment of diplomatic relations, one of the first decisions that Petro made when he became president.

Until Petro came to power last August, the Government of Colombia – chaired by the now former president Iván Duque – recognized the opponent as “interim president” since January 2019, a period of more than three years that, according to the Constitution Venezuelan, must not exceed 30 days. EFE


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