Grigory Leps returned to the stage and spoke for the first time after a street fight in St. Petersburg

Singer Grigory Leps

Singer Grigory Leps

Photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Among the artists who opened the largest concert complex Live Arena on December 17 was the 60-year-old Grigory Leps.

This is the artist’s second public appearance. after a scandalous fight in St. Petersburg, where he engaged in hand-to-hand combat with a bar patron. According to one version, the singer offered the man to play backgammon for 10 thousand dollars, he refused. According to another version, the conflict flared up because the fan was denied an autograph. In any case, it all ended in an ugly street brawl, Leps and his fan had a fight in the center of St. Petersburg. And then the man filed a police report against the artist. True, the scandal was soon settled, the victim withdrew the complaint after Leps’s personal apology. After the “world” Gregory returned to concert activity and performed at the New Year’s show “Earthlings”, where, as KP.RU already wrote, flashed on the stage with broken fists. The abrasions after the fight have not yet passed, Leps fans noticed this during his performance at the Live Arena.

However, the musician was already in goodness, the minor period in his career, it seems, is over.

Behind the scenes of the Live Arena, Leps was friendly with Philip Kirkorov. And then, absolutely calmly, without emotion, he answered the question of Artyom Skorobogatov, the host of the Muz-TV channel, about his current mood.

– Fine! Everything is fine! – the artist shared with Skorobogatov.

Recall: as the star promoter said in an interview with KP.RU Evgeny Morozovartist’s nervous breakdown was connected with his personal life. Say, the singer is still going through a divorce from his wife Anna Shaplykova, who bore him three children.

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