Grigory Leps became the most expensive domestic performer with a fee of 9 million rubles

Singer Grigory Leps.

Singer Grigory Leps.

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

Over the past turbulent year, Russian show business has thinned considerably: some artists have left the country, others have become handshakes, others, such as Anzhelika Varum, have gone into the shadows and almost never appear at concerts and secular parties.

This reshuffling gave many a chance to strengthen their positions. For example, Grigory Leps, despite the upheavals in his personal life – a divorce and a scandalous fight in a bar, which became public, became even more popular. On New Year’s Eve, the artist performed at a restaurant on Rublyovka, where tables in the VIP area were sold for 900 thousand rubles. And the singer will celebrate the Old New Year in Dubai, and all tickets have already been sold out.

– Leps is now No. 1 in show business, and he almost always has a full sold-out, – an employee of a company organizing private events with artists shared with KP.RU. – The scandals only benefited the singer, once again confirming his image of a normal Russian peasant who can wave his fists in the heat of the moment and then resolve this conflict so that no one will have any complaints. Moreover, Grigory Viktorovich himself is frank with the audience at concerts: yes, they say, a brawler, not without sin. Like it, it captivates. People see him as an ordinary person, and not a distant hard-to-reach star with an impeccable image invented by PR people and stylists. And viewers are willing to pay for it.

According to our interlocutor, Grigory Leps over the past year became the most expensive domestic star for a corporate party with a fee of 120 thousand euros. Previously, only Maxim Galkin, who had left Russia, could boast of such a price. But Zemfira, who has now settled in Europe, got even more – 200 thousand euros per party. However, she was ordered not nearly as often as the performer of “glasses of vodka”.

And here is how, according to our source, the ranking of fees at the beginning of 2023 looks like:


1. Grigory Leps: 120 thousand euros (or 8.9 million rubles at the current exchange rate)

2. Stas Mikhailov, Garik Sukachev, Irina Allegrova: 100 thousand euros (7.5 million rubles)

3. Philip Kirkorov: 90 thousand euros (6.7 million rubles)

4. Nikolai Baskov, Yuri Antonov, Zhanna Aguzarova: 80 thousand euros (6 million rubles)

5. Chaif: 60 thousand euros (4.5 million rubles)


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