Great Britain overpaid Belgium 5000% for energy due to lack of Russian gas

The lack of Russian gas has shut down many British power plants. And this coincided with the peak of the heat, which caused record electricity consumption in Foggy Albion.

Electricity had to be urgently purchased from Europe. Belgium expressed its readiness to share extra kilowatts with the British. The rest of the Western European countries could not offer anything, since they themselves are in a difficult situation due to a shortage of energy resources, writes The Spectator.

Calculations showed that each imported kilowatt cost the British a gigantic 5000% more than it would have been produced in the United Kingdom. Such a high price made it possible to avoid the main thing – power outages in homes and businesses.

On the one hand, Brexit allowed London to avoid a fuel crisis, but on the other hand, the British now have to pay many times more for energy than they did a few months ago, since the UK and the EU are now separated not only by borders, but also by tariff duties.

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