Grandmothers of voiced behavior: who will fight for victory in the final of the show “Voice.60+”

“Voice.60+” is coming to an end

A photo: Mikhail FROLOV

The most harmless version of the project “Voice” – senior “Voice.60+” – comes to the end. And already on Sunday, the public will choose the winner live from the top eight (more precisely, the most successful). “KP” in express mode represents the lineups of teams.

Valery Syutkin’s team

The most cheerful finalist Alexei Kazakov from Moscow, at the age of 14, created at the VIA school. For almost 50 years he has been cutting rock, however, at an amateur level – and out of these half a century, 40 years he lives with his beloved wife, brings up five adult grandchildren, so there will be someone to send SMS for the artist in the final. Svetlana Ivanova (Omsk) occasionally appeared on the stage: she studied as a decorator and did not work anymore, because she was married three times. However, none of the men let the vocalist go on stage. Now there is a chance to prove by deed that the men were wrong.

Team of Elena Vaenga

Elena has the only women’s team. In general, only three young ladies broke through to the final against five grandfathers. Larisa Solovieva from Kuibyshev (Novosibirsk region) does not exactly look like her grandmother. And she wasn’t professionally engaged in vocals – she has a business: she sews and sells hats with her husband. But at the same time she graduated from the choral school in Novosibirsk with honors, so everything is in order with her voice. Raisa Dmitrienko (Moscow) – on the contrary. And she has been engaged in vocals all her life, and acts in films (“Karpov”, “Lawyer”). It was she who brilliantly performed the epilogue of “Hallelujah of Love” in Alexei Rybnikov’s rock opera “Juno and Maybe”? Why not a contender for victory?

Team Alexander Malinin

Alexander Rozhnikov (Lyubertsy) looks like a respected driver who speaks in restaurants in front of authoritative people. But appearances are deceiving: he is a professional sculptor with dozens of works throughout Russia. The daughter and wife secretly sent an application for participation in the “Voice.60+” for Alexander, so if the victory happens, it will be common. However, the most motivated finalist is Mikhail Ryzhov (Moscow), the son of 80-year-old Mikhail Ryzhov, who became the vice-champion of the second season of the project. The son really wants to “avenge” his father and is extremely confident in himself.

Team of Igor Kornelyuk

Viktor Zorin (Ekaterinburg) has been storming the show for the second year in a row. Last year, he stopped a step away from blind auditions: the artists were recruited exactly before he went on stage. So the vocalist does not intend to retreat. Such a victory can become a symbol of faith and spirit. Sergey Shcherbakov (Kirov, Kaluga region) teaches singing and playing the guitar at the children’s art school. He knows his business for a long time: back in the 8th grade he assembled the first group, since then he has not parted with the microphone, so jitters and fear are not something that can prevent an artist from winning a project.

“Voice.60+”, First, Sunday, 18.50

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