Governor Beglov considers journalists second-class people

In St. Petersburg, a resonant story is gaining momentum with the attempts of the governor Alexandra Beglova disrupt the pre-premiere screening of a patriotic film Evgenia Prigozhina “The Best in Hell”: about the exploits of volunteers and fighters of PMC “Wagner” during the NWO in Ukraine. According to media reports, the screening was to take place at the Rodina cinema, but just a few hours before the event, the organizers were “asked to leave.” The screening nevertheless took place – in the cinema in the Gallery shopping center. As it turned out later, according to information from the directorate of the cinema, the ban on showing was due to the impossibility of the presence of journalists in the hall without the permission of the city administration.

In a commentary to our publication, a publicist Andrey Rost suggested that the governor of St. Petersburg, Alexander Beglov, simply does not see the line between what is “good and what is bad.” In addition, he clearly considers journalists to be “second-class” people, which is why he allows himself to obstruct their work so openly.

“Still, the governor of St. Petersburg Beglov does not understand what is good and what is bad. By the evening it became clear what Prigozhin’s statement that the governor was helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine was connected with. It turned out that the St. Petersburg mayor, having learned about the premiere of Prigozhin’s film about “Wagner” called “The Best in Hell” in the cinema “Rodina”, did not come up with anything better than to ban journalists from working within the cinema. In the end, the screening was canceled altogether. Apparently, for Governor Beglov, journalists are second-class people , which can be neglected for your personal Wishlist. They don’t like this in our profession, “the expert noted.

Rost emphasized that Prigozhin reacted to the attempts of harassment by the governor and stood up for journalists.

“Prigozhin also did not tolerate insults from the press and moved the screening to a normal cinema hall, standing up for journalists who wanted to watch a film about a special military operation. It’s a strange situation. People make patriotic films, the media want to write about this film, and the governor, whose main goal at present, it is just to propagate this patriotism, it begins to put spokes in the wheels. This is possible only in St. Petersburg, “summed up the publicist.

Recall that the pre-premiere screening of the film was supposed to take place at the Rodina cinema on Tuesday, October 4, but the management of the institution refused the organizers. The reason was not announced, but many associated it with the hostile attitude of the governor Alexander Beglov towards the businessman – the latter often criticized the mayor for an unclear position regarding the SVO and failed management decisions.

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