Government of Dina Boluarte declared 2023 as the “Year of unity, peace and development” in the midst of protests

The government of Dina Boluarte established 2023 as the
The government of Dina Boluarte established 2023 as the “Year of unity, peace and development”. (Flickr Presidency)

The government of Dina Boluarte declared the year 2023 as the “Year of unity, peace and development” in it Supreme Decree 004-2023-PCMpublished in the Legal Regulations bulletin of the Official Gazette El Peruano.

The norm, which was signed by the president; and the President of the Council of Ministers, Luis Otarolaconsigns the approved phrase of obligatory use in all State institutions and in official Peruvian documents throughout this year.

It is considered that “the Condition promotes transparent dialogue at all levels of government in order to optimize the implementation of national policies and the democratic values ​​enshrined in the Constitutionwhich will ensure a culture of peace and protection of rights for all citizens.

The name of the year was chosen in accordance with the provisions of numeral 8 of article 118 of the Political Constitution of Peru and the Organic Law of the Executive Power.

The custom is that the ministers of state can help the president in office to help ‘for the official name of the year. In this case, Dina Boluarte set it as “Year of unity, peace and development”.

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In 2022, the government of Pedro Castillo declared the “Year of Strengthening National Sovereignty”, which was also recorded in official documents during that year. The former president is in prison for the failed self-coup and was replaced by his vice president, the current head of state, Dina Boluarte.

The “Year of unity, peace and development” was criticized for the escalation of violence in Peru due to the protests calling for his resignation. Until now there are more than 45 deadbetween civilians and police, for the demonstrations.

“That’s too much. The government that murdered more than 40 people, terrorizes, arbitrarily detains and is authoritarian, decides to name 2023 as the year of ‘unity, peace and development’. Crazy” and “this is a joke. In the midst of murders by the regime of Dina Boluarteand this terrible crisis to which they have led us, declare 2023 as ‘Year of unity, peace and development’. There will be none of that until Dina Boluarte resign”, were some of the comments on social networks.

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The main objective of year name It is so that the Peruvian population knows the main objectives set by the government. This is how the agenda that the current management will implement in the coming months is promoted.

The phrase “Year of unity, peace and development” of this 2023 will appear in all publications and events promoted by the Executive. It is also used as letterhead in official documents in public entities and optionally in private ones.

Dina Boluarte's government records 45 deaths in just a month and a half of management.  (Trade)
Dina Boluarte’s government records 45 deaths in just a month and a half of management. (Trade)

2022: Year of the Strengthening of National Sovereignty

2021: Year of the Bicentennial of Peru: 200 years of independence

2020: Year of universal health

2019: Year of the fight against corruption and impunity

2018: Year of dialogue and national reconciliation

2017: Year of good service to the citizen

2016: Year of the Consolidation of the Sea of ​​Grau

2015: Year of productive diversification and strengthening of education

2014: Year of the Promotion of Responsible Industry and Climate Commitment

2013: Year of Investment for rural development and food security

2012: Year of National Integration and recognition of our diversity

2011: Year of the Centenary of Machu Picchu for the World

2010: Year of the Economic and Social Consolidation of Peru

2009: Year of the National Union against the External Crisis.

2008: Year of the World Summits in Peru.

2007: Year of Citizen Duty.

2006: Year of Democratic Consolidation.

2005: Year of the Infrastructure for Integration.

2004: Year of the Rule of Law and Democratic Governance.

2003: Year of the Rights of the person with disabilities. / Year of the Centenary of Jorge Basadre Grohmann.

2002: Year of Truth and National Reconciliation.

2001: Year of the Commemoration of the 450 years of the National University of San Marcos.

2000: Year of the fight against family violence.


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