Gordon, a dunk for history; Jokic, Doncic, Tatum and Embiid leave

Sports Writing (USA), Dec. 25. Aaron Gordon signed a mate this Sunday for the history of Christmas days in the NBA in the victory of the Denver Nuggets against the Phoenix Suns, in a program in which the Slovenian Luka Doncic, dominant against the Los Angeles Lakers, Jayson Tatum, with 41 points against the Milwaukee Bucks, and Cameroonian Joel Embiid, with 35 points against the Knicks, gave spectacular performances.

NUGGETS 128 – SUNS 125

The Serbian Nikola Jokic signed a triple double of 41 points, fifteen rebounds and fifteen assists and Gordon contributed 28 points and thirteen rebounds, with a spectacular dunk against Landry Shamet that ended up being decisive for the Nuggets’ victory in overtime against the Suns.

Jokic achieved the triple double number 83 of his career and his Nuggets reached the sole lead in the West (21-11) at the cost of some Suns in which Shamet signed 31 points, with seven triples, without a prize.

Devin Booker retired after just four minutes (two points) on the track due to a relapse of his pubic injury and set off alarm bells for the Suns.


Luka Doncic touched the triple double and, with his 32 points, nine rebounds and nine assists, guided the victory of the Dallas Mavericks against the Los Angeles Lakers, in which LeBron James scored 38 points.

On a day when the Mavericks honored their brightest legend, Dirk Nowitzki of Germany, Doncic became the first player from the Texan franchise to score 32 points on Christmas Day.

With a third period of 51 points, Jason Kidd’s team, eighth (18-16), added its third consecutive victory, at the cost of some Lakers who fell for the fifth game in a row and remained thirteenth (13-20).


The Celtics hit the table in a duel between the two franchises considered favorites to play the Eastern Conference finals in the next ‘playoffs’.

Jayson Tatum had 41 points, seven rebounds, five assists and three steals, while Jaylen Brown chipped in 29 points, five rebounds and four assists.

For the Bucks, Antetokounmpo had 27 points with nine rebounds and three assists, while Jrue Holiday had 23 points with six rebounds and seven assists.


The Golden State Warriors showed their faces and, after the two humiliations suffered against the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets, they beat the Memphis Grizzlies at home thanks to Jordan Poole’s 32 points, on a night marked by up to five technical fouls called on the NBA champions.

Thompson contributed 24 points and Draymond Green, who was also accused of a technique, excelled with a double double of thirteen rebounds and thirteen assists, to which he added three points, the result of a triple.

It’s a two-sided season for the Warriors, the NBA’s worst team on the road (3-16) and best at home (16-2), tied with the Grizzlies.

The Spanish Santi Aldama contributed nine points, two rebounds, two assists and a shot in 20.43 minutes on track with Memphis.

KNICKS 112 – 76ERS 119

Joel Embiid and James Harden extended their sweet moment and, with 35 and 29 points, respectively, led the victory of the Philadelphia 76ers against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden.

After Embiid’s 44 points and Harden’s triple double of 20 points, 11 rebounds and 21 assists against the Los Angeles Clippers, the center and point guard combined for 64 points against the Knicks.

Embiid contributed 35 points with eight rebounds and one assist, while Harden had a double-double of 29 points, four rebounds, thirteen assists and four steals.


— Classifications:

. Eastern Conference:

.1. Boston Celtics 24-10

.2. Milwaukee Bucks 22-11

.3. Cleveland Cavaliers 22-12

.4. Brooklyn Nets 21-12

.5. Philadelphia 76ers 20-12

.6. New York Knicks 18-16

.7. Atlanta Hawks 17-16

.8. Indiana Pacers 17-16

.9. Miami Heat 16-17

10. Toronto Raptors 15-18

11. Chicago Bulls 14-18

12.Washington Wizards 13-21

13. Orlando Magic 13-21

14. Charlotte Hornets 9-24

15. Detroit Pistons 8-27

. Western Conference:

.1. Denver Nuggets 21-11

.2. New Orleans Pelicans 20-12

.3. Memphis Grizzlies 20-12

.4. Phoenix Suns 19-15

.5. LA Clippers 19-15

.6. Sacramento Kings 17-14

.7. Utah Jazz 19-16

.8. Dallas Mavericks 18-16

.9. Portland Trail Blazers

10. Minnesota Timberwolves 16-17

11. Golden State Warriors 16-18

12. Oklahoma City Thunder 14-19

13. LA Lakers 13-20

14. San Antonio Spurs 10-22

15. Houston Rockets 9-23

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