Goods from IKEA can be bought on the Internet: where, how much and how to distinguish from a fake

Suppliers sell IKEA products on online marketplaces, bypassing the Swedish company

Suppliers sell IKEA products on online marketplaces, bypassing the Swedish company

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After Wildberries another online store, Yandex Market, began selling IKEA products. The marketplace has launched a section on the main page of the site, which contains goods from Russian suppliers Swedish brand.

A marketplace is a platform that takes a commission from sellers for the opportunity to sell their product on its website. Now the new section of the Market presents goods from the Shuisky Sitzy factory – they sewed bed linen for IKEA, Angstrem – they made some furniture, Askona – pillows and the Kazakh brand Arua – which sewed textiles.

The correspondent of studied the assortment. Conclusion: furniture, dishes and bed linen are similar to IKEA. First of all, with a laconic Scandinavian design, for which the brand was loved. However, they cannot be called complete copies. Prices are generally identical to IKEA. Definitely not cheaper, but some positions are more expensive, as dissatisfied buyers write about in reviews. Note that the price is set not by the marketplace, but by the seller.

At the same time, original products of the Swedish brand are presented at Wildberries. Obviously they are resellers. There it was possible to find goods with a tenfold margin. For example, a sticky roller for Bestis clothes cost 129 rubles, and on Wildberries it is sold for 1,300 rubles, but allegedly at a discount for a promotion of 910 rubles.

Covers for clothes “Parkla” at IKEA cost 139 rubles, and at Wildberries – 599 rubles.

But the real litmus test of a salesperson’s honesty is Ikea’s plush sharks. The rate for them is still prohibitive – about 15,000 rubles, a discount of 12,790 rubles. They were ten times cheaper.

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