Golubev explained the changes in the behavior of dogs: “Insufficient attention of the owner”

President of the Russian Cynological Federation Vladimir Golubev told in which case changes in behavior pet are important signals to the host.

According to the specialist, the changes may indicate violations in the work of the dog’s body. For example, if a pet refuses to eat, it is likely that something hurts. In this case, the animal must be shown to the doctor, the expert warned. Such a step is also needed when the dog is passive or aggressive, Golubev added.

“Lack of physical activity, boredom, lack of attention of the owner can be the reasons for a sharp pet behavior changes“, – said the specialist, whose words are transmitted by Radio 1.

At the same time, the interlocutor of the publication stressed that the emergence of changes is possible when changing rituals. As an example, the expert cited moving.

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