“Golden visa”: for life in Russia you need to pay 15 million

Now people with money do not need to look for workarounds

Now people with money do not need to look for workarounds

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The government approved the rules for receiving simplified residence permit (residence permit) in Russia for investors. Disputes on this score have been going on for a long time and now, finally, the requirements are defined. The rules will come into effect on January 11.

Simplified obtaining a residence permit in exchange for investment is a common practice all over the world. This is called the golden visa. A residence permit makes it possible to freely enter Russia and conduct business without obtaining a temporary residence permit (TRP).

So, what you need to get a “golden visa” in Russia (it is enough to fulfill one of the conditions):

– invest from 15 million rubles. in socially significant projects of the regions,

– invest 30 million rubles. into the capital of a Russian legal entity. At the same time, the company must work for at least three years and for the year preceding the application for a residence permit, pay taxes and contributions in the amount of 6 million rubles.

– register and own a business in Russia for at least two years with a payment of at least 4 million rubles per year. taxes

– buy real estate in Russia for any purpose at the construction stage or within 2 years after its commissioning with a total cadastral value of at least 25 million rubles. (in Moscow – from 50 million rubles, in the Far East – from 20 million rubles)

According to migration expert Vadim Kozhenovgovernment-approved requirements will help many foreigners settle in Russia.

– Now there is another way that allows a foreigner to obtain a residence permit in Russia. Now people with money do not need to look for workarounds. Yes, rather big money – 20 million rubles – this is the cost of an average apartment. But before, a foreigner had no direct and understandable ways to get a residence permit, he had to use fictitious marriages, fictitious adoptions, and so on, – said Vadim Kozhenov on the air radio “KP”.

According to Igor Nemtsov, regional director of Astons immigration companypotential candidates for obtaining an investment residence permit in Russia may be citizens of developing countries, the CIS and China.

– These are people who want or feel the need to be in Russia for one reason or another. An important motivation is, of course, business and entering the Russian market. Especially, for example, it can be interesting for the Chinese, who want to occupy the niches vacated after the Europeans left Russia. The Chinese are already investing heavily in the Russian economy, so here you can combine “business with pleasure,” Igor Nemtsov told Komsomolskaya Pravda.

At the same time, according to experts, the requirements for obtaining a “golden visa” in Russia are still losing out to the requirements in force in a number of other countries. In Russia, the investor will receive fewer benefits, while his costs will be higher.

– Traditionally, the most popular option to participate in such programs is the acquisition of real estate. The Russian government also provides such an option: from 20 million – the minimum amount of investment in the regions, and from 50 million rubles for buying housing in Moscow. At the current rate, the minimum threshold is 286 – 300 thousand dollars. For almost the same money (300 thousand euros) you can get a permanent (that is, unlimited) residence permit in the EU, in Cyprus. Cyprus – in addition to a sunny and comfortable climate – is one of the most favorable tax havens in Europe for business relocation. If we talk about the lower threshold when buying real estate in Moscow, then this is 715 thousand dollars. Twice as high as European programs! For comparison, an investor visa in the USA – EB5 costs a little more – from 800 thousand dollars. This is a ten-year green card for a family, after 5 years of residence allows you to obtain citizenship, – says Igor Nemtsov.

By purchasing a certain type of real estate from 280 thousand euros in Portugal, you can get a residence permit, and with it visa-free access to travel to all Schengen countries. This investment residence permit after 5-6 years allows you to apply for Portuguese citizenship.

– From 250 thousand euros, you can still buy a small summer residence in Greece. True, in some popular regions the threshold will soon be raised to 500 thousand euros. The status of a resident of Greece also gives the right to travel within the Schengen area without visas. In addition, any investment European residence permit provides access to global financial markets. Therefore, most investors from the CIS or China are more likely to choose European golden visas and the rights and benefits that come with them for the same money or cheaper, – believes Igor Nemtsov.

At the same time, according to the expert, the option of participating in the Russian residence permit program can be an additional advantage if the investor is already interested in starting a business or buying a home in our country.

“However, at the moment, the decision does not explicitly state whether the residence permit is tied to the fact of owning property, or after obtaining a residence permit, the object can be resold and thus receive a return on investment or even profit,” notes Igor Nemtsov.

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How about others?

Turkey. Citizenship can be obtained for the purchase of real estate valued at 400 thousand dollars. This is not only an opportunity to live in Turkey, but also visa-free entry to 100 countries of the world.

Island nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis allows you to obtain citizenship immediately after the transaction for the amount of more than 200 thousand dollars. The citizenship of this country allows you to travel without visas to 157 countries of the world, live up to 90 days within six months in the Schengen area, up to 180 days in the UK, 30 days a year in Singapore and up to 90 days in Hong Kong.

Serbia. It is enough to purchase real estate worth at least 250 thousand euros. Citizenship of Serbia allows you to freely move around the countries of the Schengen zone, engage in entrepreneurial activities, receive qualified education and medical care.

Malta: to qualify for permanent residence, it is enough to buy government bonds in the amount of 250 thousand euros, buy real estate from 270 thousand euros or rent it for 10 thousand euros per year. The Maltese passport allows its holder to enter without a visa or obtain a visa on arrival in 167 countries of the world. In addition, it provides all the benefits of EU citizenship – the right to work, study, conduct business, tax preferences.


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