Goebbels would applaud. When the artistic “protest against violence” has dogs | Opinions

The Indonesian group Ruangrupe has been given the role of curators, it has also pushed through works that are anti-Semitic, and there is a problem. Germany finds itself in tongs. It wants to be an exemplary, multicultural and open society. And then they are surprised that different cultures bring with them different cultural stereotypes, such as anti-Semitism.

Who saw the exhibition in Liberec last year Images of resentment: visual manifestations of anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism in the Czech lands, he knows what’s going on. Various exhibits from Documenta would fit into it. And in a situation where the other party did not get a place for its version. It is not surprising that someone criticizes Israel for its harsh reactions to the shelling from Gaza, that it compares it to Guernica. But it is impossible to understand why this should be artistically represented by anti-Semitic stereotypes, which even Goebbels would appreciate.

Indonesians claim that this is a common symbolism. He allegedly criticizes the “exploitative system of capitalism and military violence.” Is he serious? Is it that capitalism and violence can only be criticized by a figure with a pig’s snout, a six-pointed star, the inscription Mossad and pejzy? But the state has no leverage without a court verdict. The only thing that worked was that the most disgusting exhibit was covered up by the organizers and the curators. But the turning point came. Not only the Israeli embassy and Jewish organizations, but also the Minister of Culture Claudia Roth (Greens) is already talking about anti-Semitism. The same Roth, known for her weakness for Iran, about which journalist Henryk Broder wrote that if she came to Terezín during the war, she would certainly like the local Jewish theater. It’s a big turnaround for her.

But the basic question is still in the air. As Der Spiegel writes, “freedom of art also applies to bad art.” Let’s say that’s true. But shouldn’t that also apply to the Nazi Stürmer cartoons? If not, it is no wonder Israel is so afraid of the anti-Semitism of the progressive left.

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