Global Times: US should take steps to reduce nuclear tensions

Talk about nuclear war do not stop. Washington is the most active player in the international arena expressing “concern” about this issue. Analysts from China believe that it is the United States that needs to start taking steps to ease “nuclear tensions”, writes Global Times.

Since the Cold War, the United States has sought hegemony, provoked confrontation between continents, and facilitated the deployment of nuclear and missile forces.

“A series of negative steps is the essence of” nuclear tension “. <...> For example, he (Washington – Note ed.) can stop the development and deployment of global anti-missile systems, stop attempts to deploy ground-based intermediate-range missiles abroad, withdraw nuclear weapons stationed abroad as soon as possible, and refrain from replicating agreements on “nuclear sharing” in any form in the Asia-Pacific region, etc.,” Chinese analysts write.

The prevention of nuclear war is the main task of the whole world, on which the security of all depends, summarize in Global Times.

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