Gino Pesaressi and the reproach of his dancer from ‘El Gran Show’: “It was a kiss, not a bite”

Gino Pesaressi and the reproach of his dancer. instagram

Gino Pesaresi and his dancer Alexandra Clavijo They have shown a lot of chemistry throughout their performances on ‘El Gran Show’, so much so that they have become romantically involved. However, they have ignored these rumors. They even surprised with a kiss on the mouth at their last dance. “So they talk,” she said in her live broadcast.

Dressed as a gala, the couple stepped on stage to dance “I have everything except you”, by Luis Miguel. The staging knew how to captivate the jury and the public. However, what was most surprising is how the presentation ended. Gino Pesaresi he pulls his dancer to give her a kiss on the mouth, which is reciprocated by her.

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Going to commercial breaks, the actor made a live broadcast, where he interacted with his thousands of followers. All of them did not hesitate to highlight the kiss. Gino joked about it and reproached her dancer for biting him instead of kissing him.

“Chata, it was a kiss, not a bite. You have thrown yourself, it was a beak, not to bite, “said Gino between laughs, while Alexandra Clavijo tried to deny it.

“Why do you bite, I compared,” he told him at another time. “I have not bitten, shut up. People will think of me, ”the dancer replied, who took the occurrence of her partner in a good mood. “I said it as a joke,” Pesaressi clarified.

For this, the former reality boy did not yet know that he would win the cup, so he indicated that he had great faith that the best would happen. However, if he wins another person, he would like it to be Santiago Suárez.

Gino Pesaressi kissed his dancer in his last performance of El Gran Show.
Gino Pesaressi kissed his dancer in his last performance of El Gran Show.

quite surprised, Gino Pesaresi received the news that he was the only winner of the gala. In second place was Santiago Suárez.

“Unbelievable, I still can’t believe it. I am in shock, it has been a lot of work, a lot of sacrifice. Every drop of sweat and every pain has been worth it. I am happy to have reached a level like competing with Santiago, very disciplined, he made me raise my level. Here we all wanted to win a cup, ”said the actor, who received a visit from his daughter in his last presentation.

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For his part, Santiago was quite calm, indicating that he is leaving “happy and very grateful.” Regarding the expectation of the public, since his name was strong as a possible winner of the cup, he indicated that in a competition “anything can happen”

Finally, he stressed that this time on the dance floor feeds his career and that he would repeat this experience “a thousand times”.

Gino Pesaressi was crowned champion of ‘El Gran Show’ and took S/ 20,000. | America TV.


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