Germany’s first standby coal-fired power plant resumes operation | News from Germany about Germany | DW

Germany’s first coal-fired standby power plant will be restarted shortly. We are talking about the Merum CHP (Kraftwerk Mehrum) in the Lower Saxon Hohenhameln, located between Hannover and Braunschweig. This was reported on Monday, August 1, by the dpa agency, citing information received from the Federal Network Agency in Bonn.

Since July 14, in Germany it is again allowed to put into operation coal and oil-fired power plants from the so-called backup power system. The decision to restart them was made in order to save natural gas due to the threat of an energy crisis and is temporary.

According to the Federal Grid Agency, Merum is so far the only coal-fired CHP plant registered for restart. June based on natural gas Germany generated 11.2 percent of electricity.

The German government decree allows the sale of electricity from fossil fuel-fired backup power plants until the end of April 2023. Their temporary restart is of economic interest to power plant operators as wholesale electricity prices are currently high. At the same time, there is enough hard coal on the world market.

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