Germany supplies Ukraine with the latest weapons that the country’s armed forces themselves do not have

Ukraine receives from Germany the latest weaponswhich the country’s armed forces themselves do not yet have, said the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. According to him, some copies were not even commissioned for the German military.

As the chancellor emphasized, in addition, the FRG continues to send all “available weapons” to Kyiv:

anti-tank and air defense systems,

  • mines,
  • guns,
  • ammunition,
  • self-propelled howitzers,
  • multiple rocket launchers,
  • anti-aircraft systems,
  • artillery guidance radar systems.

“Some of these systems are so new that only a very small number have been produced, and some of them have not even managed to be put into service with the German Armed Forces,” Scholz explained. Globe and Mail.

As Scholz emphasized, the Ukrainian military is undergoing all the necessary training to work with German weapons.

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