Germany proposes launching Nord Stream 2

Europe is experiencing serious problems with both gas and electricity

Europe is experiencing serious problems with both gas and electricity

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The search for European politicians to overcome the obstacles they have created in the form of sanctions cannot but rejoice – what were the ups and downs with the gas turbine for Nord Stream worth. Now, in Germany, they decided to go further: the head of the Bundestag energy committee, Klaus Ernst, said that he did not see anything wrong with using the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

– In general, it doesn’t matter through which pipeline the gas is delivered to Germany. He still remains Russian. In this sense, the issue of Nord Stream 2 is rather symbolic. If there are no other possibilities, then we will need to talk about putting it into operation as soon as possible, – declared Ernst. At the same time, he stressed that there is no difference in the reasons for which gas cannot be supplied to Germany in the same way.

Earlier, Ernst said that Europe needs to separate the issues of conducting a special military operation in Ukraine and the energy security of the EU countries, and also stated that the lack of Russian gas could become critical for Germany.

“Germany should start negotiations with Russia on how the future energy supply will be arranged,” the politician believes.

At present, the pumping of fuel through the Nord Stream gas pipeline, for technical reasons, has decreased to 20% of its nominal capacity, and Europe is experiencing serious problems with both gas and electricity. In particular, in Germany, all kinds of saving measures are being taken, for example, turning off the illumination of sights, setting standards for cooling rooms to a temperature of +26 degrees and not lower, pasting windows with reflective film, refusing to heat water in indoor pools, and so on.

According to the authorities, in this way Germany will be able to save up to 40% of electricity in the summer, but this will not solve the problems that will begin in the absence of gas with the onset of cold weather.

Experts are confident that in the event of a shortage of blue fuel, Germany will have to take unprecedented steps and decide to stop a number of industrial facilities.

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