Germany may compromise with Russia in winter – Daily Express

Lack of gas in winter, it can force the leadership of the FRG to compromise with Moscow. Writes about it Daily Express.

According to the publication, Germany is running out of blue fuel intended for heating homes and businesses. The situation is aggravated due to the fact that cold weather is expected in Germany in the coming months, the material emphasizes.

“Gas consumption in German households increased by 14.5 percent last week compared to the average for the past four years,” the author of the article said.

As the professor explained Pete Duncan from the School of Slavic and Eastern European Studies, the situation may force Berlin to compromise with the Russian Federation. He believes that the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz fears the growth of social unrest against the backdrop of energy shortages and the Ukrainian conflict.

The author of the material also stressed: Germany continues to implement a three-stage contingency plan. The journalist recalled that Berlin does not receive gas with the help of Nord Stream 1, so Germany’s energy reserves are depleted.

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