Germany loses its lead in Europe – Bloomberg

Germany is gradually losing dominant position in the European Union due to the energy crisis. Writes about it Bloomberg.

Agency journalist Maria Tadeo noted that the loss of Berlin’s leading position in the EU was also affected by the dependence of Germany on Russian hydrocarbons. In her opinion, in the new conditions, key positions in the European Union can be occupied by southern countries, for example, Spain.

“While Berlin is fighting the shock, the south of Europe is gaining confidence,” Tadeo said.

As the journalist explained, a change in the balance of power could lead Europe to “health”. Brussels should welcome this realignment of forces if it helps improve decision-making in the EU, the observer said.

Former German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock stated that “popular uprisings” could begin in the country if gas shortage. She stressed that in such a scenario, Germany would not be able to support Ukraine.

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