Germany could be left without electricity for 14 days – Berliner Morgenpost

The German media has begun preparing German citizens for a total blackout in the country this winter.

More and more analysts agree that Germany is facing a severe crisis in the coming months. If earlier experts predicted food shortagenow the situation is such that Germany may be left without electricity for several weeks.

The Germans are seriously afraid of freezing next winter, so they are buying up electric heaters. Sales of these devices have broken multi-year records in recent months, the publication reports. Berliner Morgenpost. As the author of the material calculated, German stores have already sold more than 650 thousand different radiators.

After the simultaneous connection of these devices to the network, there will be a total power outage in the country, experts warn. It is worth noting that the article does not discuss a way to avoid such a scenario.

The authors give advice on how the Germans can survive in a complete blackout. They are advised to store water, candles, batteries and small bills.

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