German journalist in Germany faces death or prison for covering war in Donbass

German journalist Alina Lipp stated that she would never return to Germany, otherwise she would either be killed in her homeland or imprisoned for covering the Donbass from a position that was inconvenient for the German authorities.

“I will never return to Germany, they will either kill me there or put me in jail,” she stressed.

According to the journalist, she came to Donbas by accident, having arrived with her friend to see with her own eyes what was really happening in the region, since the German media showed only the Ukrainian version of what was happening.

“For the first time, I strongly noticed that the German media do not report at all, not at all. They do not say that the Ukrainians have been killing civilians for eight years already. It was a shock for me! Of course, I knew that there was a war going on, but the German media only they show the side. It’s real, over the past eight years there hasn’t been a single journalist from Germany. They showed only the side of Ukraine,” she said.

After the girl began to upload videos with real events taking place in the Donbass, she began to be persecuted by the German authorities. All bank cards were blocked for the journalist, her house is constantly being monitored.

According to Lipp, now she plans to stay in Russia.

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