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Russia “takes the whole world hostage” said German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock on Friday, June 24, before the opening of the international food conference in Berlin. She reiterated that Moscow “deliberately uses hunger as a weapon.” Currently, 345 million people are threatened with hunger, Burbock recalled. According to her, the food crisis is being transformed into a menacing wave, andRussian-led war against Ukraine “turns that wave into a tsunami.”

Russia is trying to blame others for the sharp rise in food prices, but this is Russian false news – fake news, the German politician said. Russia is blockading Ukrainian ports, shelling granaries, and, in addition, there are no sanctions on the export of grain from the Russian Federation itself.
The purpose of the food conference is to show solidarity with Ukraine and people in the global south who suffer from the Russian war. “It is necessary to find new solutions to the problem, in particular to speed up food export from Ukraine by land routes and along rivers, as well as to increase emergency assistance to the starving,” said Annalena Berbock. According to Berlin, thanks to international efforts, in May, 1.7 million tons of grain were exported from Ukraine to the world market through alternative routes.

The German government invited all interested countries to the Berlin conference. According to Burbock, it will be attended by ministers from more than 40 states, representatives of the UN, non-governmental organizations from countries most affected by the current crisis. The conference will take place ahead of the G7 meeting scheduled for June 26-28 in Elmau in southern Germany.

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