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Russia’s war against Ukraine is a turning point in history, says German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. Having decided to invade Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin “destroyed everything that was built by several generations in Europe and Russia,” she said in an interview with a German newspaper Rheinische Postpublished on Tuesday, May 3rd. According to Burbock, her generation was “fortunate enough to grow up in the world.”

“After February 24 – the day that changed everything, and we must restructure our policies. That is why we in Germany will reformulate our national security strategy,” Burbock said. She stressed the need to be able to defend the European world order. “We must re-invest in our own defense – as a Green Party politician, I could not imagine that I would actively use this term,” she added.

Burbock also noted that Germany did not choose such a scenario, but must be ready for a new reality, “without throwing everything else overboard,” since the concept of security includes not only defense and diplomacy. “Humanitarian assistance, stabilization and conflict prevention will remain in the spotlight,” she added.

Burbock: Putin committed the worst war crimes

At the same time, the German Foreign Minister expressed confidence that President of the Russian Federation must be betrayed international court, because “he violated international law and international humanitarian law in the most cruel way.” “You can’t bomb mothers, fathers, children, old people and sick people. Anyone who does this commits the hardest war crimes. These crimes must be punished. We are indebted to the victims for this,” she said.

In addition, Burbock noted that Berlin is serious about threats of Moscow allowing a nuclear strikebecause preparation for worst case scenario is the responsibility of the government. “Russia’s nuclear rattling in the current situation is irresponsible, even if we consider that we have heard similar statements from President Putin in the past.” At the same time, it is impossible to use nuclear weapons without harming oneself, “and the Russian president knows about this,” Burbock added.

Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials have repeatedly suggested the possibility of a nuclear strike inwar against Ukraine. This move by Moscow is not ruled out in the United States either. In particular, in April, CIA Director and former US Ambassador to Russia William Burns said that his agency was “very attentive” to this possibility, stressing, however, that the United States had not yet seen any signs that Russia was preparing to take such a step. “Given the desperation of President Putin and the Russian leadership, given the setbacks they have experienced militarily, none of us can take lightly the threat posed by the potential use of tactical or low-yield nuclear weapons,” he said.

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