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Germany is not required to qualify for the Eurovision semi-finals. Together with the four other major donors of the European Broadcasting Union (the organizer of the competition) – Great Britain, Spain, Italy and France – the Germans nominate their participant immediately to the decisive round “Eurovision”. In 2022, Germany will be represented by Malik Harris.

Deutsche Welle: Malik, you are half German, half American. Your namesake is US Vice President Camila Harris. Or is she your relative?

Malik Harris: Unfortunately no (smiles) but I have great respect for this woman. If we were relatives, I would be happy about it.

You grew up in a very musical family. Your father plays several instruments. Your grandfather is an opera singer. Grandmother is a pianist, that is, lovers of classical music. What do they say about your musical style and taste? You like being a rapper.

Malik Harris on stage for Eurovision 2022 in Turin

Malik Harris on stage at Eurovision 2022 in Turin

– They’re good at it. I remember when I came home as a kid singing Eminem’s music. And there are a lot of F*** words in his songs. Then they said: “Oh-oh-oh, come on, you better leave this music.” Time has passed, and now they themselves are big fans of Eminem. Now they’re all into rap, so I was able to instill in them a love for the style.

– You are 24 years old, but you have been performing at concert venues for a long time. However, the most important performance in Turin is still ahead of you – the Eurovision final. And yet, do you feel the difference when you go on different stages?

– Certainly. Stage “Eurovision” – it’s generally something special. Here you are more focused on yourself. At Eurovision, the artist performs much more on camera than for the public. For me, this is a completely new experience. I love to perform live, for the audience: when I play, and around me – the audience. Everything is completely different here. But I am happy and enjoy it immensely.

– What feels cooler?

– It’s hard to say, but I still think it’s more interesting to play for the audience. You are standing on the stage, and in front of you is the crowd and all its energy. I get such a kick out of it.

– The same one that you experienced when you saw your image in the heart of New York (Malik Harris became the first German performer, whose portrait appeared on a huge screen in Times Square in New York. – Ed.)?

– Yes, these feelings are quite comparable. It’s indescribable.

– At the German national preselection you performed with a guitar with a sticker in the colors of the Ukrainian flag “I stand with Ukraine” (“I am with Ukraine”). Here in Turin, I get the impression that the topic of war has faded into the background. Or I’m wrong?

– I really hope that a lot of attention will be paid to the war in Ukraine in the Eurovision final. It is important. Eurovision has a responsibility, one might say, almost political, as it is a large-scale event. It unites all of Europe. I will be very happy if this topic finds its place in the final. In my opinion, it is important to show solidarity with Ukraine.

Malik Harris

At the qualifying round in Germany, Malik Harris performed with a guitar with a sticker in the colors of the Ukrainian flag “I stand with Ukraine” (“I am with Ukraine”)

Ukraine is considered the main favorite of the current competition. Germany hasn’t had much luck at Eurovision in recent years. What gives you hope? Why are you sure that you will do better than your predecessors?

I try not to think about it at all. For me personally, the place that I will take in this competition is not of great importance. This is not just some kind of competition, it is a whole event that over the past decades has united the countries of Europe in its peaceful coexistence. We all make music together. I will be very happy if Ukraine wins this year. In any case, I personally will enjoy participating and performing at Eurovision.

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