German condom maker Vizit filed for bankruptcy amid anti-Russian sanctions

The Vizit brand became famous in Russia for provocative advertising in social networks.

The Vizit brand became famous in Russia for provocative advertising in social networks.

In Europe appeared the first victims of anti-Russian sanctions. The largest condom manufacturer from Germany, CPR GmbH, has filed for bankruptcy. This is reported by the German weekly business magazine WirtschaftsWoche.

The temporary manager Karina Schwartz told the publication that the bankruptcy was provoked precisely by the sanctions against Russia.

The company from Lower Saxony produces more than 200 million condoms a year and exports them to many countries. However, he had problems before – the demand for rubber bands among Europeans is falling. Two years ago, the company almost went bankrupt, but pulled through. Business was doing well again before the sanctions. But about a quarter of sales were in Russia.

This, according to Karina Schwartz, apparently ruined the company. In connection with the sanctions, there were problems with payment for the goods produced.

And now the most interesting. If the name of a German company probably does not mean much to you, then you probably know its products. These are, in particular, condoms Visit, which we sell at the checkout in almost any supermarket. Yes, the same “German quality”. Vizit became famous in Russia for provocative advertising in social networks. For example, a picture with a picture of a pack of condoms and a medical mask and the caption: “Isolate the infected in the province of Gan Don.” So brand marketers were among the first to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Even earlier, a scandal was caused by a post in the Vizit group on VKontakte with a snake wrapped around a package of rubber bands and a comment: “Do not forget about protection, even if you change the skin once a year.” The girls were very offended. But the efforts of advertisers were not in vain – Vizit is one of the three best-selling condom brands in Russia.

And at the same German enterprise, condoms and lubricants are manufactured under the brand Sico.

And what are we going to do now? Will we finally overcome the demographic crisis?

So far, it’s too early to talk about it. Both Vizit and Sico are still on sale. Durex has not gone away either: the British company Reckitt has announced that it is winding down its business in Russia, but it will not just leave it – it will sell it to a third party or Russian employees. And analysts at, an online service for comparing goods and prices, note an increase in demand for Viva and My size condoms – in March it increased by 60%. Nothing special, it’s about saving: these brands in March cost an average of 317 rubles (12 pieces), and Durex (the same 12 pieces) – 783 rubles.

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