German bakeries close en masse

Bread in Germany is not just food - it is a national treasure

Bread in Germany is not just food – it is a national treasure

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Small bakeries and bakeries in Germany, which are especially loved by the Germans, did not have time to recover from the pandemic and are forced to close due to the rise in prices of raw materials and energy. The few enterprises that have kept afloat are asking the state for help.

Bread in Germany is not just food – it is a national treasure, and some bakeries and bakeries have been supplying pastries for more than one generation of Germans, who have been enviably faithful to them. According to statistics, the average German family consumes a little over 55 kilograms of bread and pastries per year.

Parts of small enterprises are more than a hundred years old and they survived two world wars and were able to survive in the most severe years for the country. However, now everything is different: the family business, passed down from generation to generation, is not only unprofitable – it is unprofitable.

Not only have the costs of raw materials for bakeries increased by 45% since the beginning of the year, but there is also an increase in the minimum wage for unskilled employees (from October it will be 12 euros per hour).

The increase in energy prices and the transition of the majority of the country’s residents to a savings regime, in which they are not ready to buy tasty, but expensive bread, and will be content with products offered in supermarkets, are making their contribution.

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