Gennady Zyuganov: Each generation has its 41st and should be the 45th. Today, the threat has come close to every home and every family.

Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov

Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov

A photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

… – Gennady Andreevich, hello! This is Zyuganov’s assistant calling you, Gamov. But what would you say to those who are now called to defend their homeland?

– Probably, each generation has its own 1941, but it must also be 1945.

Because it’s not just about going to the call, but going to save the Russian world, to fight against Nazism and fascism, against Anglo-Saxon globalism, to fight for elementary justice, to fulfill your civic duty.

You know, until the end, many did not realize how great the threat is, which today has come close to every home and every family. At one time there was such an amazing poem by Konstantin Simonov “If your house is dear to you …”.

If your home is dear to you,

Where were you brought up by Russians,

Under the timber ceiling

Where are you, swinging in the cradle, swam;

If the roads in the house

You walls, oven and corners,

Grandfather, great-grandfather and father

It has well-groomed floors…

So, in this case, those who, in fact, decided to strangle your country and liquidate Russia as the largest state, or rather, a great civilization, climb into your soul, into your head, climb into your pocket.

Therefore, in my opinion, they announced to us … In short, the special operation has already passed a new – Patriotic phase. And if so, then every man should be ready to defend his home, his homeland, his family, our language, culture.

Well, this can be seen from the way the Nazis, fascists, Bandera in Ukraine behave.

If these people thought about their people or country, they would never fire at a nuclear power plant, which can cover vast expanses with mud.

What about Europe…

– If Europe thought about its well-being, it would not refuse our energy carriers. Because the same powerful German industry – this is the fourth economy in the world, is now bending, because it has all been built on our energy sources over the past 50 years.

But I am struck by the fact that at one time, when the first pipeline was laid, the Americans did not want it either, they imposed sanctions. And the Germans then said: no. And they helped us build production.

I was in Chelyabinsk, they were building a plant for the production of large diameter pipes. And then they laid a branch, and gas went to them, and they created entire industries.

Today, their experts say directly: on such an expensive gas as today, everything will be covered. They have already closed half of the metallurgical plants in Europe, now the petrochemical industry will begin to bend, followed by the automotive industry, the printing industry.

They are the legislators in this business, but their price was competitive because they were fed by our cheap energy sources. And now the Americans are dragging it all,

Europe was bent. And they sit and rub their hands.

And at the same time they decided to use the people of Ukraine as cannon fodder in order to harm us as much as possible. But they not only harm, they are already in command in Kyiv, they are conducting military operations.

– Therefore, the most important thing now … As in the 41st.

– Our goal is to unite as much as possible. But to remind everyone that Ukraine became great and large during the Soviet era. The Soviet government gave them statehood. Within the framework of the USSR, Ukraine was one of the five most developed countries in Europe. Within the framework of the USSR, the independent received 50 million tons of crude oil, processed and lived happily ever after. Within the framework of the USSR, the largest hydroelectric stations, magnificent aircraft factories, and shipyards were built there. In general, it developed successfully and dynamically.

But after the invasion of the Nazis, which covered the whole of Ukraine, we all liberated it together. The Red Army liberated. And now they are yelling there that Bandera and Shukhevych are “heroes”. These complete bastards who shot, hung, killed Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, Jews …

You see, everything has been turned upside down.

Therefore, we need to unite and move forward. But the authorities must remember – if a person went to defend the country, it is necessary to provide him with everything necessary.

– What kind of laws – apart from those directly related to mobilization, do we still lack today?

– It is necessary to urgently adopt laws that protect the workplace, and free from this heavy mortgage. And, if children learn from the defender of the Motherland, they must learn at the expense of the state. Support should be maximum, as it should be in the conditions of fulfilling the civic duty to protect their homeland.

– And when will May 9 come?

May 9 will come. The referendum will end today, it is already clear that it has taken place.

It is necessary to make decisions tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, to include in the Russian Federation – the republics of Donbass, and Zaporozhye, and the Kherson region.

And officially announce – that any shot on our territory will receive ten in return.

Therefore, we must prepare to ensure that those who unleash a war there receive in full.

– Thanks.

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