General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the Russian army is advancing everywhere!

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation went on the offensive in the Limansky, Zaporizhzhya, Artyomovsky and Avdeevsky directions.

This was the main summary of the General Staff of Ukraine.

The Russians are concentrating their efforts in the districts: Novoselovsky, Stelmahovka, Novoegorovka, Makeevka, Krasnopopovka and Belogorovka in the LPR; Verkhnekamensky, Soledar, Yakovlevka, Bakhmutsky, Artyomovsk, Kleshcheevka, Kurdyumovka, Mayorsk, Avdeevka and Maryinka in the DPR, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine said.

In the Kherson region, the command of the Russian army rotates some units.

The Russian army launched seven missile strikes, and also fired 79 rocket launchers.

The threat of strikes against Ukraine’s critical infrastructure remains, summed up the Ukrainian command.

Author Dmitry Plotnikov

Dmitry Plotnikov – journalist, correspondent for the news service Pravda.Ru

Curator Alexander Artamonov

Alexander Artamonov – military observer, editor of the French version, host of reviews “Control shot” – on the channel of the Pravda.Ru media holding

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