Gazprom shuts off Latvian gas due to violation of selection conditions

Latvians tried to cheat, but found themselves in a not very comfortable situation

Latvians tried to cheat, but found themselves in a not very comfortable situation

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Latvians caught the Ukrainian virus “zradoperemogi”. Just yesterday, the head of the country’s largest gas operator Latvijas Gaze Aigars Kalvitis boasted how they managed to deceive Russia, which demanded to buy gas for rubles. He said that the company continued to purchase Russian gas, but not at “Gazprom”, but through an intermediary who pays in euros. And what about what is more expensive, most importantly – not in rubles, did not make concessions to Putin.

And today in the morning “Gazprom” reported unpleasant news for Riga.

– Today PJSC “Gazprom” stopped gas supplies to Latvia as part of the July application due to violation of the conditions for gas withdrawal, – such a beautiful message reads in the official Telegram channel companies.

The tactic “we’ll take the deficit through the back door of a familiar loader”, so widespread in the USSR, did not work. And how they breathed! Since June, the supply of Russian gas, which was purified from the “molecules of totalitarianism”, while passing, albeit on paper, through an intermediary, has only grown. And this is against the background of the fact that all three Baltic republics, plus Poland and Bulgaria, have become the most active opponents of gas from Russia, and recently the Latvian parliament passed a law that prohibits any import of fuel from Russia from January 1, 2023.

The Latvians tried to cheat, but now they find themselves in a not very convenient situation, because all three Baltic Russias, which have already suffered from anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the European Union, are already beginning to behave like rats in a barrel, trying to bite off a fatter piece from their neighbor. For example, Estonia wants to introduce a discount on the transit of coal from Kazakhstan in order to “bite off” this profitable business from Latvia.

Since they themselves produce practically nothing, the only thing they can do on the international market is to provide their infrastructure, built by the USSR for the transit of goods from other countries. And here, one might say, all talk about Baltic solidarity and unity will be thrown aside as unnecessary.

The only thing in which they continue to show their solidarity is in Russophobia. Russian citizens entering the territory of Latvia began to be obliged at the border to sign a document condemning the Russian special operation in Ukraine. The LSM portal about this with reference to the Latvian State Security Service, and if someone refuses to sign it, they will be denied the right to enter, regardless of status.

– Foreigners entering Latvia from Russia or Belarus are subject to enhanced checks at border control points. The purpose of the checks is to identify individuals who support Russia’s special operation and may pose a threat to Latvia’s national security, the report says. – During inspections, special attention is paid to foreigners who, for example, once served in the power structures of Russia or Belarus.

According to estimates, 41 citizens of the Russian Federation and 14 Belarusians have already been denied entry. One of the Russian citizens was forced to sign this document under the threat of cancellation of the residence permit, although he was going to his wife, who lives in Riga.

The neighbors in Estonia also liked this experience very much, and they proposed to introduce this practice not only in their own republic, but also on the territory of the entire European Union. Small, proud and, as it turned out, very “democratic” Balts are trying to find a new fresh stream to pour it into the general stream of Russophobia, not for a second thinking about the fact that this kind of discrimination lies absolutely outside the legal field, is the reincarnation of the most cruel Nazi practices and is completely contrary to the founding documents of the EU and its statements in the field of human rights.

Well, they do not want gas, they are trying to be cunning, and there is no need to give them. Not at all. Moreover, suddenly they themselves will not let him through if he refuses to sign a document condemning the Russian SVO in Ukraine when crossing. In the end, you have to pay for Russophobia.

Valezhnik and dung to help them.

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