Gazprom is tired of playing with the turbine from SP-1

Russia was forced to reduce gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline due to the fault of a contractor for the repair of turbines for gas pumping units, said the deputy executive director of Gazprom Vitaly Markelov.

“The problems are related to the fact that the German company Siemens, which produces turbines, does not fulfill its obligations,” he said on the air of Russia-24 TV channel.

According to Markelov, not only did the turbine, which was sent for repairs in December last year and was supposed to return to its place in May, never “arrive” to the customer, since Siemens, without the knowledge of Gazprom (and the repair customer – Russian company) gave it to Germany.

On Wednesday, operator Nord Stream 1 Gascade said the pipeline’s gas flow had been reduced to one-fifth of its maximum capacity. A Gazprom official explained that now only one turbine out of six is ​​operating at SP-1, designed to pump no more than 33 million cubic meters per day. Another “hot” spare set is in stock.

“The operating time of the remaining units exceeds 25,000 hours, which corresponds to the need for a complete replacement with a factory-repaired unit prescribed in the contract. These are the conditions of a bilateral document,” Markelov emphasized, adding that it is the company’s Western partners who accuse Gazprom of deliberately reducing the supplied volumes of gas “do not fulfill their contractual obligations to maintain the compressor station”.

Markelov also said that his “Gazprom” plans to publish part of the correspondence with Western partners. Some documents were published a few hours later on the gas giant’s Telegram channel.

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