Gazprom explained why it does not take a turbine for Nord Stream from Germany

Return of the gas turbine engine to the starting station “Nord Stream”impossible due to the actions of Siemens under the current anti-Russian sanctions,” Gazprom said.

“The sanctions regimes of Canada, the EU, the UK and discrepancy between the existing situation and the current contractual obligations on the part of Siemens make it impossible to supply the 073 engine to the Portovaya CS,” the company said in a statement.

Earlier, Gazprom stated that the route for transporting a gas turbine engine from Canada for Nord Stream had been changed, this asset was at risk of new sanctions.

This happened for the reason that from Canada, the engine was taken not directly to Russia, but to Germany (which Gazprom did not agree on). To accept a repaired engine, the company needs to obtain guarantees of non-imposition of sanctions not only from Canada, but also from the European Union and the UK.

The capacity of the Nord Stream pipeline is 167 million cubic meters per day. However now only 20 percent of the pipeline capacity is used. Obviously, after Gazprom’s refusal to take the turbine, deliveries will not be increased, as Germany and the European Union want.

In Gazprom, they explain this by the fact that the resource of the equipment has been exhausted. And poisoning it for maintenance is problematic. Actually, the reduction in supplies began after a gas turbine engine was not returned from Canada on time, which was sent for repair to a plant in Montreal. Siemens says that such maintenance can only be carried out at the company’s plant in Canada and nowhere else.

Negotiations were underway between Canada and Germany for a month to return the equipment. In the end, they agreed, the gas turbine engine was returned to Germany in mid-July.

Moreover, the German authorities for a long time refused to say where this equipment was located. But on Wednesday it turned out that the turbine is located in Mülheim an der Ruhr. Chancellor Olaf Scholz himself arrived there to make sure that everything was in order with the equipment (apparently, he understands this).

Following the inspection of the turbine, the chancellor said that it could be sent “quickly, as soon as Russia so desires.”

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