Gas can be pumped through Sudzha twice as much as contracted volumes – OGTSU

The Sudzha gas metering station can pump 244 million cubic meters of gas per day, which is twice as much as the contracted transit volumes.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by LLC “GTS Operator of Ukraine”.

Three gas pipelines with a diameter of 1400 mm pass through the Sudzha GIS point – Yelets-Kremenchuk-Kryvyi Rih, Progress and Urengoy-Pomary-Uzhgorod – with a total technical transit capacity of 244 million cubic meters per day. These volumes are more than twice the total transit flow through the Ukrainian GTS according to current contractual obligations (109.6 million cubic meters per day),” the report says.

The company noted that the average daily volume of transit through the Sudzha connection point in 2020 was 130.1 million cubic meters, and in 2017 it reached 181.2 million cubic meters. The maximum volumes of transit through Sudzha in 2020 amounted to 165.1 million cubic meters, in 2017 – 247.7 million cubic meters.

The OGTSU also refutes Gazprom’s assertion that it is impossible to carry out the transfer of flows from Sokhranivka to the Sudzha point.

“A similar transfer of capacities from the Sokhranovka GIS to the Sudzha GIS already took place from October 12 to 25, 2020 due to scheduled repairs. At that time, gas transit through the Sudzha entry point was 165.1 million cubic meters per day”, – reported in OGTSU.

In addition, under the existing transit agreement for 2020-2025, which provided for the transit of 65 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2020, the contractual capacity at the Sudzha point was 150.7 million cubic meters per day.

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As reported, GTS Operator of Ukraine LLC was forced to suspend gas transit through the Sohranivka GIS as a result of invaders’ interference in the operation of the gas transmission system. In April, the OGTSU recorded the intervention of the Russian military in the operational work of the Novopskov compressor station in the Luhansk region. Then the company warned about the possibility of stopping the operation of the station as a result of such interference, which would lead to a stop in transit through the GIS “Sokhanovka”.

Almost a third of the transit to Europe from the Sokhranovka gas measuring station (GIS) passed through the Novopskov CS.

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